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Walrus Audio Jupiter V2 Multi Clip Fuzz Pedal

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The Updated Jupiter Fuzz

The updated version of the Jupiter Fuzz Pedal is designed to offer players an improved performance, offering enhanced controls and expanding its tonal possibilities. Its first major improvement is its increased level of gain available, producing more fuzzed tones to play with. Its volume control has been enhanced to make it easier to dial in unity gain, while the tone control features and improved high frequency response. The visual aspect of the fuzz pedal has also been changed, replacing the roman god Jupiter for a dead astronaut to the backdrop of the planet Jupiter.

Internal Trim Pot

Another feature added to the second version of the Jupiter Fuzz is the internal trim pot, allowing players to control the pedal's gate. Turing the trim pot all the way left will increase the pedal's gate level to max, creating a spatty ''dying batter'' effect, while turning it in the other directing will decrease the noise gate and open up the pedal's sound.

Dial in the Ideal Fuzz Effect

The Jupiter Fuzz from Walrus Audio sports an easy-to-use layout, with control options for Level, Fuzz and Tone to offer incredible tone shaping capabilities. Unlike other Fuzz pedals on the market that emphasise specific frequency ranges, the Jupiter allows users to dial in the perfect amount of Fuzz, delivering a superb range of tones to suit a variety of musical styles. Equipped with a Mode toggle switch, players can choose between three different clipping diode arrangements for more options and combinations of fuzz. In addition, the bass toggle switch located on the right side allows users to increase the low end when needed, providing the fuzz's prominent top end screech with an enhanced bass response.

Roadworthy Enclosure

As well as delivering an incredible array of Fuzz effects, the Jupiter's components are encased within a die-cast enclosure, designed to survive life on the road and ideal for the gigging musician. Its compact size means it will easily fit on any pedalboard alongside similar sized units, and makes its easy to transport in gig bags and backbacks.


  • True bypass fuzz pedal for electric guitar
  • Version 2 offers increase in gain and enhanced controls
  • Internal trim pot offers gate control to tame unwanted noise
  • Controls allow you to dial in the right amount of fuzz with the right tonal qualities
  • Mode switch changes between three different clipping diode arrangements
  • Bass boost toggle switch for an increased low end
  • Rugged design protects internal components, perfect for gigging musicians
  • Stylish artwork and coal sparkle powder coating
  • LED indicator status for dark and low lit settings


  • Controls: Level, Fuzz, Tone
  • Switches: Mode, Bass Cut, Bypass
  • Ins/Outs: 1/4'' Jack
  • Enclosure: Die-Cast
  • Finish: Coal Sparkle Powder Coat w/Artwork
  • Power Requirements: 9V DC, Centre Negative Less Than 100mA (Not Included)*
  • Dimensions: 4.77" x 2.9" x 2.3"

*The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals. Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended.


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