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Walrus Audio Julia Chorus/Vibrato

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The Fully Analog, Feature-Rich Chorus/Vibrato

The Julia Pedal is a fully analog, feature-rich chorus/vibrato that can create a wide range of tonal landscapes, from a mid, smooth chorus, to seasick vibrato and anything in between. Dial in the amount you want and the pedal will create an array of lush sounds that will enhance any playing style. Its strong diecast casing will ensure the pedal survives in rough conditions, allowing you to create the amazing chorus and vibrato tones in most settings.

Powerful Controls

A range of powerful controls allow the pedal to create its beautiful tones, with the rate and depth letting you shape the effect to suit your sound. A 2-way toggle switch lets you flip between a sine wave and a triangle wave, with the sine mode offering a smooth oscillation while the triangle setting produces odd harmonics for a choppy sound. A special lag control allows you to set the centre delay time that the LFO modulates from, create an array of effects from a smooth and tight modulation, to a warbling detuned tone. Use the controls to add a new dimension to the effect and create a wide range of classic and unique chorus and vibrato tones.

Blend Between Dry-Chorus-Vibrato

Also featured on the Julia pedal is a d-c-v knob that lets you blend between the dry, chorus and vibrato signals, providing control over the ratio of dry to wet signal. When set to minimum, the pedal produces no effect, set to the 12’o’clock position delivers the traditional chorus sound, and set at maximum provides a traditional vibrato. Experiment in-between the dry and chorus signal to add slight amounts of movement to your sound, perfect for bass guitar’s, or experiment in-between the chorus and vibrato signals to deliver amazing combinations.


  • A fully analogue, feature-rich chorus and vibrato pedal
  • Produce a range of classic and unique effects
  • Specialised lag control for setting the centre delay time the LFO modulates from
  • D-C-V Control knob to blend between the Dry, Chorus, and Vibrato signals
  • Produce mild smooth chorus sounds, to seasick vibrato and everything in between
  • Is powered by a 9VDC (30mA Minimum) power supply (Not Included)
  • Dimensions of the Diecast Enclosure are Width: 4.77” Length: 2.9” Height: 2.3”
  • The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals (Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended)
  • Rugged design with four control knobs, a toggle switch, and a single footswitch

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