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Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo and Fuzz

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Fuzz & Tremolo in One Unit

The Janus from Walrus Audio features dual joystick control to achieve the ultimate Fuzz and Tremolo tones. Both effects can be used isolated or in conjunction with each other for a full host of distorted textures. Each joystick features a separate X and Y axis that has designated control options for each. As well as primarily being a guitar effect, this true bypass pedal can also be used on vocals, keys and tracks for a truly unique performance.

Dual Joysticks

The Tremolo joystick controls the rate and depth while the Fuzz joystick controls the amount of fuzz and the tone. There are dedicated Volume controls for both effects and a Blend control for the Fuzz that allows players to mix unaffected signal with the effected fuzz signal. In addition to providing dual effects, its simple design sports a rugged enclosure that is perfect for gigging musicians.


  • Dual joystick Tremolo and Fuzz pedal for creating distorted tones
  • Isolated effects can be used independently or together
  • Each joystick has a separate X and Y axis that has designated controls
  • Perfect for guitars, vocals, keys, or tracks
  • Roadworthy chassis is perfect for gigging musicians
  • Power requirements are 9V DC
  • Dimensions are 7.38 x 4.70 X 2.75 inches
  • The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals (Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended)

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