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Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive

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The Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive provides guitarists with that highly sought after amp-like overdrive in a compact unit. Its long-awaited sound is due to extensive research into tube-powered audio sections of vintage film projectors and using it as a guitar amp. The 385 Overdrive takes its inspiration from the tone of a vintage Bell and Howell 385 Filmosound projector. Its dual 6V6 output section delivers a simple and extremely responsive amp that has an amazing compressed overdrive when cranked to the max.


The 385 was developed to have the same simple but effective tone control as the Filmosound projector, as well as additional bass and treble controls for added impact. Players can be creative with the boost and cut bass and treble, allowing tailored mid-frequency scoops and bumps to suit your style. In addition, the 385 Overdrive runs internally on 18 Volts, which helps to replicate the same dynamic feel of the amp in a stomp box, offering an extremely responsive tone, picking up every nuance of your playing.

Roadworthy Enclosure

Like with all pedals from Walrus Audio, the 385 Overdrive is complete with a diecast chassis that is perfect for life on the road. Its durable enclosure also includes a matte black finish with yellow ink featuring original artwork of a vintage Belle and Howell 385 projector ready to give you the dynamic tone you’ve been searching for. In addition, is basic four-knob layout makes it easy to use, and perfect for beginners.


  • Powerful overdrive pedal inspired by a vintage Bell and Howell 385 Filmosound projector
  • Delivers amp-like and tube-like effects
  • Boost and cut bass and treble at the turn of a dial
  • Be creative with mid-frequency scoops and bumps
  • Diecast enclosure ideal for gigging musicians
  • Running at 18V for a sensitive performance that picks up every nuance
  • Dimensions are 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39"
  • Matte black finish with yellow ink featuring original artwork of a vintage Belle and Howell 385 projector
  • Power requirements are 9VDC (100mA minimum)
  • The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals (Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended)

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