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V7 Billy F. Gibbons Signature Edition Microphone

£ 109.99

“The V7 in a word…Perfectamundo!” – Billy F. Gibbons
This special edition V7 BFG is the signature vocal microphone for the one and only Billy F. Gibbons. Best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of the legendary American rock band ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons consistently ranks as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame inductee and iconic blues-rock guitarist from Texas has been performing on the road for decades, and is still musically hyper-active with The Kings of Chaos, the BFG’s and – last but definitely not least - ZZ Top!

What’s in the box
V7 BFG microphone
Mic clip
Thread adapter
Leatherette pouch
Microfiber polishing cloth
V7 BFG sticker
2x Jim Dunlop Custom Gel Picks (BFG Signature)
spare black internal windscreen
User manual with warranty card
• English
• German
• Italian
• French
• Spanish
• Chinese

Weight and Dimensions

Total net weight :
413 g / 14.57 oz


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