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TC Electronic TonePrint Shaker Vibrato Guitar Effects Pedal

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Full Description

The knobs on the Shaker Vibrato give you complete control over the effect, so you can find your perfect sound. Rise Time sets how long it takes for the effect to kick in after you engage the pedal, Speed sets the rate of the vibrato and Depth Control adjusts how intense the vibrato will sound. You can therefore set the pedal for anything from a subtle, natural-sounding buzz to a full-on earthquake.

The Shaker Vibrato is also enabled with TonePrint, which allows you to connect your pedal to your computer via USB and download custom tunings made by your favourite guitarists. Downloading with TonePrint is easy, free and fast, and the roster of guitarists is constantly expanding.


  • TonePrint: Instant access to custom pedal tweaks made by your idols!
  • 2 Vibrato Types: Choose your favourite flavour shake
  • True Bypass: Zero loss of tone
  • Speed, Depth, Rise-time and Level Controls: For tonal options from subtle buzz to full-on earthquake
  • Spillover On/Off: Super-smooth and natural transitions between sounds
  • Easy Battery Access: Makes changing batteries fun (well, almost)
  • Small Footprint: Save precious pedal board space
  • High-Quality Components: Only the best will do when it comes to tone
  • Road-Ready Design: Ready to follow you wherever your playing takes you

Further Specs:

Connectors & Inputs/Outputs:

  • Mono input and output with metal Jack Connectors
  • Mini USB connector for uploading custom TonePrints and software updates


  • Speed
  • Depth
  • RiseTime
  • Tone
  • Heavy duty tactile footswitch with true bypass for zero tone coloration


  • USB cable for uploading TonePrints
  • Owner's Manual
  • TC Electronic Guitar Pamphlet
  • TC Electronic Sticker

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