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TC Electronic Spectradrive Bass Preamp & Drive Pedal

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TC Electronic Spectradrive Bass Preamp & Drive Pedal

The TC Electronic Spectradrive Bass Preamp & Drive Pedal is the ultimate live performance and studio tool featuring the same preamp technology as found on TC's line of bass amps. The Spectradrive gives you everything you need to shape your tone, compress your dynamics, add in tube drive, and send out a direct signal with tube modelling to your front-of-house mixing desk or recording device. The Spectradrive features parallel outputs, so you can send a DI output and amp output simultaneously, while the headphone-out with cabinet modelling lets you practice in silence with the sound of a fully mic'd setup. The TubeDrive circuit uses TonePrint technology to offer everything from subtle drive to full-on distortion. The SpectraComp circuit also features TonePrint technology and models a highly musical multi-band compressor to shape your dynamics for a smooth and articulate response. An intelligent EQ stack helps you sculpt your tone, while an analogue buffer (from the Bonafide pedal) provides a clear signal for driving long cable runs. If you're looking to turn up to your gig, studio, or practice session with only one device, the Spectradrive provides everything you need to achieve a great tone out-of-the-box to send to your mixing desk, amp, recording device or headphones.

Bass Preamp from the TC Electronic Bass Amps

The TC Electronic SpecraDrive is the ultimate professional tone-sculpting solution and the ideal tool for the studio, the stage and the practice room. It features the same preamp technology as found in TC's line of bass amplifiers, and it delivers a multitude of connections and wide range of modelling technology to provide compression, drive and EQ for any musical situation.


TubeDrive technology emulates the characteristics of tube preamps and power amps to create a convincing amplifier tone that can cover everything from subtle drive to full-on saturation. The TubeDrive has TonePrint technology allowing you to load in your favourite presets for a huge range of sounds. The drive has its own bypass pedal switch, so you can engage the effect independently.


The SpectraComp circuit uses TonePrint technology to provide a variety of transparent-sounding and highly musical multi-band compression profiles. This allows you to shape your dynamics and create a professionally smooth sound that will cut through any mix.

Intelligent EQ

The SpectraDrive's EQ section is tailored to the bass guitar and is designed to offer the most powerful tone sculpting options you could require, with its 4 controls covering the bass guitar frequency range.

Multiple Connectivity

A wide range of connections allows you to send the perfect signal to many different devices. A DI output with balanced XLR lets you send an optimised signal directly to your front-of-house mixing desk or to a recording device, and this output is pre/post switchable for maximum versatility. A separate 1/4'' output lets you send a signal to a guitar amp, and these two outputs can be sent simultaneously giving you the option of sending a separate monitor and front-of-house signal.

Headphone Amplifier

The SpectraDrive also has a professional-grade headphone amplifier which features cabinet emulation technology, so you can practice in silence with the sound of a fully mic'd bass guitar amp and cabinet. An extra auxiliary input allows you to blend the signal of a music playback device; perfect for practice sessions and jamming to your favourite tracks.

Analog Buffer

The SpectraComp features the same high-quality analog buffer as found on TC Electronic's Bonafide Biffer. This gives you a clear signal for driving long cable runs with excellent dynamic range and no loss of tone.


  • High quality bass preamp with design features from TC Electronics' bass amps
  • TubeDrive with TonePrint technology for emulated preamp/power-amp tube stages
  • SpectraComp control with TonePrint models multi-band compressors
  • Intelligent EQ dedicated to bass instruments
  • Balanced DI out with pre/post switch
  • Superior analogue buffering from the Bonafide Buffer pedal
  • Aux input and headphones output
  • Parallel outputs for amp and mixing desk
  • Studio-quality headphone amplifier with speaker emulation


  • Type: Bass guitar preamp and line driver
  • Controls: Gain, TubeDrive, SpectraComp, Level, Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble, Bypass Footswitch, Drive Footswitch
  • Rear Switches: Ground lift, Pre/Post DI, Instrument/Line input
  • Connectivity: Input (1/4''), Thru (1/4''), Output (1/4''), USB (mini), DC (2.1mm), Aux in (1/8''), Phones (1/8''), Line-Driver DI Out (XLR)
  • Power: 9V DC 2.1mm barrel centre negative (not included) 250mA

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