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TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate

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An Intelligent & Innovative Noise Suppressor

The TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate features an enormous feature set in a compact, road-ready and rugged enclosure. Using high-quality components and TC's astounding pedal technology, the Sentry is the ultimate key to noise-free performances. The Sentry's multiband technology is one of the most advanced noise-removal algorithms to date, allowing you to hone in on very specific frequencies and rapidly remove unwanted noise from your signal as you stop playing. It does all of this without compromising your core tone, so you can be sure of a seamless and organic noise-reduction solution.

The Sentry Noise Gate also features a classic hard-gate mode, which is ideal for getting that immediate noise-cut effect. Granting you the ability to go from huge, wide walls out sound to complete silence in an instant, and then letting you resurrect that enormous sound from the silent depths, the Sentry's lets you astound audiences with unexpected force and tightness.

The Sentry is also TonePrint enabled, giving you a gargantuan sense of freedom. Sonic exploration with TonePrint has never been easier or more in depth, with the ability to tweak your noise gate with exceptional precision or load custom-made signature settings, the possibilities are endless.


  • Threshold: Determines the sound level at which the gate will close. Lower settings mean less noise will pass through, with higher settings meaning more noise will pass through. Tweak this to find the sweet-spot.
  • Damp: Controls how many decibels you attenuate your signal when the gate kicks in. At maximum, the Damp control will ensure that anything below your threshold will be silent. Lower settings allow for a more organic dampening.
  • Decay: Controls how long the gate stays open after the signal drops below your threshold setting. Lower settings will close the gate instantly resulting in sharp, tight noise removal, whereas higher settings result in a more natural fade out.
  • Mini Toggle-Switch: Toggles between the highly organic multi-band gate, the classic hard-gate, and the ultra customizable TonePrint gate from a single switch.
  • Send/Return Loop: Allows you to patch pedals such as distortion through the loop for the best and most natural possible gating. Can also be used to side-chain other instruments for creative gating effects.
  • TonePrint Enabled: Grants access to a huge array of signature profiles and customisable effect parameters.
  • True Bypass Switching: True bypass lets your signal pass through the unit with no unwanted colouration when the pedal is disengaged, with absolutely no tone-suck or loss of high-end.


  • State-of-the-art multi-band noise gate
  • Hard-Gate mode for instant noise-removal
  • TonePrint enabled for accessing a huge array of signature profiles and customisable effects
  • Send/Return loop
  • True bypass switching
  • Compact and rugged design
  • High quality components and road-ready construction ensure long-life of the unit
  • 9V, 100mA

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