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TC Electronic RebelHead RH450 Bass Amp Head 2.0

£ 550.00

Three Presets & A Flexible EQ

For the ultimate tonal shaping, the RH450 Bass Amp Head features three presets, allowing players to store their favourite settings. This is a particularly useful function for switching between different basses or songs during live performances. If that's not enough, a 4-band, semi-parametric EQ section is also included for flexible tonal shaping at the touch of a button.


The TubeTone function delivers that classic vintage feel of an all-tube bass amp, featuring a pristine circuit that emulates a tube preamp, as well as a complete tube power amp. This function is useful for adding subtle tube warmth, and a dirty drive tone to any performance.


For the control over dynamics, the RebelHead RH450 Bass Amp Head is equipped with SpectraComp, a high-quality, multi-band compressor. This built-in feature allows players to achieve excellent compression on each string, for an even tone across all strings.

Built-In Tuner

The RebelHead RH450 is also equipped with a built-in chromatic tuner, allowing players to easily achieve the perfect tuning at the touch of a button. Simply push the Mute button to get a full-resolution tuner 'light ring' , for accurate tuning on-the-fly.

Play Along To Your Favourite Music

As well as offering the perfect bass tone, the RH450's rear panel-mounted feature allows you to plug in your iPod, phone, computer or MP3 player via the supplied mini-jack to RCA cable adapter for easy practising and playing along with recorded music. The headphone amp is a high quality model taken straight from TC Electronic's Studio Konnekt 48 and includes a speaker filter on the bass signal.

About TC Electronic

TC Electronic is a Danish audio equipment manufacturer founded in 1967. Since its launch, TC Electronic has become a major player in the digital signal processor, digital audio technology and digital amplification markets. With a wide range of guitar effects, audio interfaces, audio software and studio processors in stock we are sure you will find the best equipment to get the best out of your instrument, equipment and recordings.


  • Input connector: 1/4" jack
  • Input impedance: 1 Mohm / 100 pF
  • Gain range: -96 to 32dB
  • Tone control: Bass - Center Freq: 280Hz (range: 71-1120Hz, Gain: +15/-24dB), Low Mid - Center Freq: 400Hz (range: 100-1600Hz, Gain: +15/-24dB), High Mid - Center Freq: 800Hz (range: 200-3150Hz, Gain: +15/-24dB), Treble - Center Freq: 1600Hz (range: 400-6300Hz, Gain: +12/-24dB)
  • Tube Tone: 0 to12, Tube amp Recreation
  • Spectra Comp: 3 band Spectral Compression
  • Preset Level: -12 dB to 0 gain attenuation
  • User Memories: 3 memory locations storing all front panel controls except Mute & Master Level
  • Speaker out: Combined Speakon / 1/4" jack
  • Power rating: 450w (800w Peak)
  • Balanced output: Transformer Balanced XLR, Pre/Post Pre-amp
  • Max. Output: +0dBu
  • Optimal Load Impedance: 600 Ohm
  • Preamp out: 1/4" Jack, Balanced Output, Max Output Level = +8dBu
  • Power amp in: 1/4" Jack, balanced input, impedance = 10 kOhm, Max Input Level = +8dBu

*Please Note: Cabinets featured in image 5 are not included with this amp head


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