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TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo

£ 90.00

Tap Tempo

The TC Electronic Pipeline Tremolo features a tap tempo function. This allows you to maintain the timing on your tremolo waves/effect, even with tempo changes mid-song without the need to spend time dialling in the specific timing with a control knob when you're busy playing.

Highly Customisable Tremolo Pedal

The Pipeline Tremolo features two built-in modes - Vintage and Square - which can be easily switched via the toggle switch on the pedal itself, along with the TonePrint option. Vintage provides a distinctive tremolo tone, reminiscent of the tremolo that can be found on vintage American amplifiers. Square on the other hand, can be used to achieve much more aggressive and modern-sounding tremolo tones. These two modes provide an astonishing amount of versatility in a single pedal. When TonePrint comes into the equation, you're able to create any tremolo sound you desire between the three modes.

Durable Construction

Designed with a durable metal chassis to protect the internal components against moisture and wear, the Pipeline's small footprint ensures it takes up as little room on your pedalboard as possible. Its simple design offers user-friendly operation, and is the perfect choice for both stage and studio situations.


TonePrint is a powerful way to create different sounds from the same pedal, offering a range of custom designed settings which completely re-tune your pedal, including the sound and how the pots react. TC Electronic have collaborated with some of the best guitarists in the world to provide you with instant access to their amazing sounds. Connect your pedal to your computer to change settings, or download the TonePrint app and wirelessly transfer the setting through your guitar's pickup. Update your pedal with custom made settings. Click here for more information.


  • Innovative tremolo pedal with customisable classic and edgy tremolo tones
  • Choice of 7 different singular or combined subdivisions to custom tailor your waves
  • Adjust up to 4 different subdivisions in sequence to achieve unique rhythmic patterns
  • Vintage mode and Square mode
  • Vintage delivers that American-style amp tremolo tone
  • Square provides a more modern sound with a more aggressive wave
  • Up to +6dB of volume boost on tap to prevent the volume drop effect some tremolo effects can have and deliver a powerful, meaty tremolo tone
  • TonePrint enabled, allowing you to beam unique custom and signature tones to your pedal via the TonePrint app
  • Intuitive controls featuring Speed, Depth, Volume, Subdivisions, and a toggle switch for switching between modes
  • Tap tempo footswitch control allows you to keep your tremolo effects perfectly in time
  • True Bypass circuitry ensures optimum clarity and zero high-end loss/tone-suck when the pedal is off
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark

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