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TC Electronic Nova Delay iB Dynamics Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Nova Delay's style parameters range from vintage tape to digital delay. Coupled with the 6 digital delay types, you can mix and match your delay type and style to your heart's content, and find the sounds that are perfect for you.

Single delay and dual delay lines can be applied to any type and style using the tap tempo switch or delay time knob, with a delay time that ranges from 1 to 2290ms. You can also apply three different types of modulation (light, medium and heavy) to any of the delay types.

Set the tempo of the delay by playing a rhythm into the pedal. The Audio Tapping™ technology is activated when you hold down the tap tempo switch. The Nova Delay also features the ability to choose between ms and bpm readout, decide if you want spillover on individual settings and turn global tempo on and off.


  • 6 studio-quality digital delay types
  • Two switchable settings - manual and preset
  • 9 user-programmable presets
  • Up to 2290ms delay time
  • Audio Tapping™ audio-generated tap tempo
  • Modulated delay
  • Delay Spillover

Delay Types:

  • Delay line
  • Dynamic
  • Reverse
  • Ping-pong
  • Pan
  • Slap-back

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