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TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler

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A New Breed Of Double-Tracking

The TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler is a new breed of double-tracking technology. With enormous improvements over the crude, artificial sounding double tracking devices of yesteryear, the Mimiq delivers authentic double tracking that follows your playing exactly as it should. For example, in a studio environment, each take will be unique. With slight differences in your timing, attack and pitch, your recordings will retain depth and dynamic variety for a true sense of life in your sound. TC Electronic have spent countless hours perfecting the Mimiq's double-tracking algorithm, and it works beautifully.

On top of its depth retention, the TC Electronic Mimic Doubler puts you in complete control of your tracking. Featuing a Tightness control, you can set how your double-tracking fits together. From incredibly precise and tight tracking for extreme accuracy in your sound, to a loose feel with buckets of groove, the Mimiq has you covered.

Double-tracking has had an enormous influence on the world of music, making guitars in particular sound larger than life. Without it, many tracks would sound completely different, and possibly pretty weak. The Mimiq lets you easily recreate huge tones both live on stage and in the studio. From bone-crushing walls of distortion, to wide psychedelic bliss, it's all achieveable from this intelligent compact stomp box.


  • Tightness: Controls how tight your double-tracking is. From superhuman precision to laid-back loose groove. Low settings increase tightness, while high settings move your tracks apart.
  • Effect: Controls the mix of the doubling. Float between an organic, natural sound at low levels, or turn it up to the maximum for a more obvious effect.
  • Dry: Controls the level of your original signal. Shine through at the from of the mix at higher settings, or dial it back for a more unique tone with your overdubs taking a more dominant position.
  • Dubs: Controls the amount of overdubs. Switchable between 1, 2, or 3 over dubs allowing for a maximum of four total guitar tracks at once.
  • Stereo In/Out: The Mimiq Doubler's stereo ins and outs enable you to achieve the ultimate amount of width with your tone, whilst also playing nicely with other stereo based pedals.
  • True Bypass Switching: True bypass lets your signal pass through the unit with no unwanted colouration when the pedal is disengaged, with absolutely no tone-suck or loss of high-end.


  • World's first realistic guitar doubling pedal
  • Up to three additional guitar tracks/overdubs
  • Lets you achieve an absolutely enormous sound
  • Stereo in/out helps you to get incredible width from your tone
  • Compact and rugged design
  • True bypass switching
  • Powered by 9V batteries, or an optional PSU adapter
  • 9V, 100mA

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