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TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay

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A dedicated subdivision knob lets you assign different rhythmic patterns to each delay - everything from dotted eighths to triplets and on to several types of dual delays. Select different subdivision types for each delay, ranging from quarter notes to triplets, and all the way to several kinds of dual delays. Switch between having your delays in series or parallel for lush sonic soundscapes or well defined syncopated echoes.

The delay toggle-switch lets you control and setup the three delay engines separately for extreme sonic flexibility. Turn the Time dial all the way down for really short repeats. Turn up until you find your preferred amount of delay. With 7 seconds of delay, Flashback Triple Delay can make your music as spacious and wide as your creativity.

Mix is the knob you rely on for setting the volume of your delay level. Set the number of repeats you want from short and slappy to total timewarp. And with three delays feeding into each other, this quickly becomes the magic dial.

Flashback Triple Delay is equipped with 4 TonePrint slots, allowing you to load your favourite signature delay effects as done by the artists on the TonePrint roster via computer or smartphone. Plus, Flashback Triple Delay is the only pedal that let's you run several custom tuned delay sounds at once.

Flashback Triple Delay's controls and I/O options are aimed at one thing: making life easier for you. Dialing in sounds, loading TonePrints and integrating it into your set-up is a synch. There's Mono and Stereo options and even an expression pedal, allowing you to control any delay parameter available.



  • Three independent delay engines
  • 11 different subdivisions
  • Toggle between having your delays in series or in parallel
  • TonePrint® enabled
  • Beam enabled
  • Pedal simple - don't read, rock!
  • Tap Tempo
  • 16 Delay Types
  • True Bypass (optional buffered)
  • Analog-Dry-Through
  • Expression pedal input
  • Stereo in- and output
  • MIDI enabled
  • 9 Volt DC power supply included
  • Humongous headroom

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