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TC Electronic Bonafide Buffer

£ 49.99

High Quality Buffer

The Bonafide Buffer frees your guitar tone of any undesirable constraints caused by long cable runs, and delivers a 100% all analog, crisp sound that is true to your original tone. It is the perfect tool for placing at the beginning of your pedal chain to achieve a great tone.

Internal Componants

The BonaFide Buffer's 1M ohm input and 100 ohm output enables you to have long cable runs, while still maintaining optimum signal strength. With a >112dB signal to noise ratio and a Total Harmonic Distortion rating at 0.001%, the BonaFide Buffer eliminates all the downsides of a traditional buffer and gives you a reliable, incomparable tone.

Bonus Feature

With its straight-forward design and function, the BonaFide Buffer also provides a bonus feature that could prove to be a real lifesaver during any gig. Featuring a built-in intelligent bypass relay, which automatically switches it from buffered to true bypass if it suddenly loses power during a gig. This ingenious tool provides the ultimate reliability, and even if the lights go out on stage, you can still hear your guitar solo!

Compact Design

Last but not least, the BonaFide Buffer is housed in an compact enclosure that will fit just about any pedalboard. Its durable design ensures that it will withstand the daily rigors that gig life has to offer. The design also includes a handy LED that indicates signal loss during a gig.


  • High-Quality all analog buffer
  • Run long cables without any signal degradation
  • Power failure mode - Automatically switches to True Bypass if power gets cut
  • Extremely high signal-to-noise ratio (>112dB)
  • Durable road-ready construction
  • Ultra-compact design that'll fit on any board
  • Power output of standard 9V
  • High quality components
  • Stylish graphics
  • Easy-to-use

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