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Studiologic Numa Stage 88 Key Stage Piano

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The Studiologic Numa Stage Digital Piano is a professional hammer action keyboard with 88 keys and 3 contacts per key for a fast, dynamic response. You can control 2 separate Midi Zones either in split or layer mode with the Midi Module section featured on the Numa Stage.

The versatile, portable, lightweight professional stage piano is great for studio and live performance, offering two natural sounding pianos for classical training and performance, as well as three electric pianos for jazz and modern music, plus vintage organs, chorus, clavinova, pads and brass. The Numa Stage provides authentic piano-like feel and response for ultimate expression, with a user-friendly control panel, allowing you to keep things simple and concentrate on your performance. Also including a MIDI section, the Numa Stage can be used as a MIDI controller, with studio effects such as reverb, chorus, rotary, tremolo and phaser. You can create and restore your own custom sounds thanks to the twenty-four over-writable factory presets, and enjoy fifty preset locations as well.



  • Portable, lightweight 24.91 lb (11.3 kg) stage piano for studio and live performance
  • Features an updated 88-key hammer action keyboard for piano-like feel and ultimate expression
  • Includes twelve built-in sounds such as electric and grand pianos, organs, clavinova, pads and brass
  • Offers quality studio effects such as reverb, chorus, rotary, tremolo and phaser
  • Comes equipped with 50 presets including 24 over-writable factory presets for custom sounds
  • The user-friendly control panel makes most functions and parameters easily accessible
  • Can be easily used as a MIDI controller with your other MIDI equipment or DAW
  • The internal sound bank contains 1GB of sample memory supported by a powerful DSP processor
  • The sound generation is based on StudioLogic's TrS (True Sound) technology



  • 88 keys, Premium Weighted Hammer Action;
  • 3 contacts per key (fast repeating action)
  • 3 factory Velocity Curves + editable fixed value + Fatar Touch
  • 10 Velocity Curves with FATAR TOUCH system.

Sound Engine

  • Stereo Multi-sampled Sounds
  • Advanced Floating Point DSP System;
  • TrS (true sound) Technology;
  • Polyphony: 128 voice.
  • Full Physical Modeling of Strings, Soundboard & Sympathetic Resonance for a natural piano sound


  • Section Switch on/off button;
  • 12 sounds: Concert Grand, Stage Grand, E.Piano1, E.Piano2, E.Piano3, Clavi, Pad1, Pad2, Organ1, Organ2, Bass1, Bass2
  • Layer & Split functions with programmable split point Midi
  • Switch on/off button - Midi Zone A (lower) and B (upper) independent on/off controls and editing.
  • 5 midi parameters: Program Change, LSB Bank, MSB Bank, Channel, Octave;
  • MIDI Volume Knob


  • 12 editable functions: Transpose, Octave Lower, Octave Upper, Master Tune, Velocity, Strings Resonance, Panic, Hold (layer assign), Expression (layer assign), System, Store, Demo;
  • 50 user's Preset memories (24 factory restorable)


  • Modulation FX: Off, Chorus, Phaser, Rotary, Tremolo, Amount knob;
  • Reverb FX: Off, Room, Hall, Delay, Mix Knob;
  • Equalizer: Bass, High knobs; Layer/Split Balance knob; Master Volume knobs.


  • Audio OUT: Left, Right
  • Audio IN: Stereo L/R (mini), signal level knob
  • Headphones: 2 x standard stereo phone jack
  • Pedals: Expression, Hold
  • MIDI: In, Out, Thru, USB/MIDI;
  • USB: USB (to Host)
  • AC IN (110-240 V)


  • 1300mm x 305mm x 120mm / 51.2" x 12.0" x 4.8"
  • 13Kg / 28,66 lbs

Additional Package Contents

  • Power Cord
  • VFP1/10 Foot Pedal
  • Music Stand
  • CD Manual

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