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Strymon TimeLine Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

£ 439.95

Strymon Timeline Multi Delay And Looper Pedal – from boutique guitar effects pedal manufacturer, Strymon.The Strymon Timeline houses 12 high-quality delay devices in one sturdy shell and produces the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear from a delay pedal


    Strymon Timeline Delay and Looper main features include:

    • 12 Delay effects including dTape, dBucket, Digital, Dual, Pattern, Trem, Filter and Lo-Fi delays
    • 200 Memory Banks for you to store your favourite Timeline settings
    • All parameters of the Strymon Timeline can be assigned to an expression pedal
    • Several totally new delay algorithms
    • Time, Repeats and Mix controls
    • Unique controls: Filter, Grit, Modulation Speed and Depth controls
    • Foot-switchable Looper controls
    • full MIDI capabilities and connections
    • Six-character LCD Display
    • Dedicated Multi-purpose Parameter/Value control knob
    • Strymon power supply included in box

    Manufacturer: Strymon


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