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TC Electronic Spark Booster Mini

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Powerful Boost

The Spark Booster Mini's discrete analogue circuit ensures you have a consistent tone throughout your performance, while the True Bypass guarantees no signal loss when disengaged. Players can achieve up to 20dB of clean boost, ideal for when added impact is needed. The unique new PrimeTime™ allows you to seamlessly toggle between the classic stompbox on and off mode (latching) and having the effect on whilst the switch is pressed down (momentary). This means that the Spark Mini Booster is a versatile effects pedal ideal for continuous use or for boosting short sections.


"A compact booster that won't mess with your tone and features an ingenious switching system." Music Radar

Read the full review here.


  • 20 dB of boost for added impact on solos and main riffs
  • Level knob boosts levels or drives amp to peak performance
  • Prime-Time™ - seamlessly toggle between latching and momentary modes, depending on how long you hold down the footswitch
  • Place after existing distortion/overdrive to enhance drive sounds
  • Add grit, life and compression to your tone
  • Add body, punch and warmth to pickups
  • True bypass for a clean tone when disengaged
  • Rugged chassis is perfect for the gigging musician
  • Simple-to-use and ideal for beginners


  • Maximum Setting: 20 dB
  • Minimum Setting: 0 dB boost (unity gain)
  • Bypass mode: True Bypass
  • Signal Circuitry: 100 % analog
  • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 48 x 48 x 93 mm/1.9 x 1.9 x 3.7“
  • Input Connector Type: Standard ¼“ jack – mono/TS
  • Output Connector Type: Standard ¼“ jack – mono/TS
  • Power Input: Standard 9 V DC, centre negative > 40 mA (not supplied)

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