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Sontronics Sigma 2 Active Ribbon Microphone

£ 729.00

Sontronics' SIGMA phantom-powered ribbon microphone is one of our most popular products thanks to its incredible performance and value for money.

Ribbon mics are renowned for their smooth, uncoloured audio characteristics but most have a transformer-based output, which makes it difficult to achieve consistency when using different preamps. SIGMA, however, is phantom-powered and operates just like any other Sontronics condenser mic, allowing you to plug and play with practically any preamp.

SIGMA's sensitivity is high and its low self-noise figure is simply amazing for a ribbon microphone. It excels at reproducing signals with a high-frequency bias, resulting in an extremely pleasing, natural sound.

The Sontronics SIGMA comes in a velvet-lined aluminium flightcase with a unique shockmount to isolate it from any noise transferred through the microphone.

If you're looking for a microphone with all the silky smoothness of a vintage ribbon mic but with all the ease-of-use and build quality of modern technology, you've found it with SIGMA!


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