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Sontronics Delta 2 Active Ribbon Microphone

£ 729.00

Following on from the worldwide success of Sontronics' iconic SIGMA ribbon microphone, they have introduced the DELTA. Where SIGMA found its place in the heart of the studio and recording world, DELTA's incredible capability in miking guitar cabinets sets it up to become a new standard in live sound recording.

Show it anything from subtle electro-acoustic finesse to shred-metal mayhem and DELTA takes whatever you throw at it, delivering a world-class reproduction every time.

DELTA's sonic footprint is tailored to sit the mic comfortably in a live mix, while keeping its subject clear and present. DELTA's optimised sensitivity and 48V preamplified electronics deliver rock-solid audio consistency combined with a significant improvement in signal-to-noise compared with traditional transformer-based ribbon microphones.


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