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sE Electronics V CLAMP

£ 34.99

The V CLAMP is the fastest, most compact and most practical drum mic mounting system on the market, and is compatible with any popular snare or tom drum. It was designed as the perfect companion to sE’s V BEAT for snare or tom miking purposes, but it is also compatible with many other popular microphones. Its sturdy elastic clamp enables setup and tear-down within seconds, and its robust, bulletproof design is built for use on the road. The height and rotation of the connected microphone can be easily changed by loosening the V CLAMP’s knob and adjusting the position of the rod, allowing perfect positioning for any desired drum tone, or to minimize spill from nearby drums.

Fast. Flexible. Compact.

compatible with a huge range of snare and tom drums

the elastic clamp makes setup simple & fast

vertically adjustable rod allows for many mic placement options


Roadworthy design with durable materials

robust, bulletproof design – built for the road

sturdy metal and high-grade, proven thermoplastic parts

corrosion-free materials and finishing


The fastest, most compact and most practical mounting system*

extremely compact dimensions for easy placement

designed to fit any popular snare or tom drum available

setup and tear-down takes only seconds

three axes of movement for maximum flexibility

*when paired with sE’s V BEAT (optional accessory)


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