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sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Music Stand

£ 44.99

The RF Music stand came about after talking to a wide range of their customers about their experiences of using the Reflexion Filter Pro. As an RF Pro user, you may have found that while the sonic benefits of the filter are obvious, the practicalities of reading lyrics and sheet music when you have a filter in your face are somewhat problematic!

The solution is the RF Music Stand; a Clamp-on music holder that wil clip your music and/or lyrics directly above the Reflexion filter Pro so that you can create great recordings with your visual aides ready when you need them.

Here's what sE Electronics say about the RF Music Stand

Many of our Reflexion Filter Pro users asked us to produce a stand which lets them clip lyrics or music in place while they are making recordings, so we've come up with the RF Music Stand, which is a sturdy support for music books and tablature sheets alike. 

The sE Reflexion Filter Music Stand (RF MS) clamps easily onto the top of the Reflexion Filter Pro in seconds, and features clips to attach your notes and music tablature/books on the horizontal top bar. Please note: the RF Music Stand is designed only for use with the sE Reflexion Filter PRO.


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