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PreSonus StudioLive 32SC

£ 1,700.00

Every need met

Operating within a 16-channel frame, the 32SC fulfils the need of the sound engineer working in a medium sized venues. Local analog connectors are featured on every channel and bus, and the desk can be networked with to NSB stage boxes. There are 17 motorised touch-sensitive faders and this gives you a huge amount of control over your mixes - whether you're setting things up for the big show or need to mix on the fly. 32SC is accurate, quick, and efficient.

Analog feel, Digital reliability

Capture the sonic character of analog gear. Each channel features analog connectors which allow all of your mix to sound as audibly rich as the gear that is producing it. Thanks to your Fat Channel plug-ins. Ten EQ and compressor models are featured on the desk and can be used within PreSonus' Studio One software.

Take control with FlexMix

Your desk, your way. The FlexMix system allows you to assign different functions to 16 channels. These can be set as aux bus, subgroups or matrix mix. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility as your desk is always ready for whatever the venue or band throws at you. All models have 24 DCA's too, so you can easily control groups of channels.

AVB compatible

The StudioLive series desks are AVB compatible. Audio Video Bridging is an extension to the Ethernet standard, which is designed to provide high-quality sampling. Sending these high-quality samples to their destinations on time and with minimal degradation to the signal. As audio over Ethernet becomes increasingly popular for audio distribution. Keep up to speed with StudioLive's AVB compatibility.

Capture your mix

Record your mixes for later distribution. The 32-channel powerhouse ships with PreSonus Capture recording software. It runs either to your mixer for in box recording or to a Windows or macOS computer. All 32 channels can be recorded and bounced down to a stereo mix to either a USB or an SD card - or both at the same time!

Not only is StudioLive brilliantly integrated with Capture and Studio One Artist, you can also mix wirelessly using the UC Surface. This software allows you to control your desk from your Mac, Windows, Android, or iPad. Obtain further control of your monitor mixes with the QMix-UC for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices. Everything you need to help artists perform at their best.


  • Portable, powerful, and flexible digital console for installed sound, mobile applications, and recording
  • Dual-core FLEX DSP Engine powers 286 simultaneous processors, 26 mix buses, and 40 mixing channels
  • Fully recallable, 40-input, 32-channel digital mixing console
  • Built-in AVB networking to create a complete ecosystem with PreSonus NSB stage boxes, EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers, and SW5E AVB switch
  • Built-in 128-channel (64x64) USB interface—the most of any digital mixer on the market
  • Onboard multitrack SD Card recorder with true Virtual Soundcheck
  • Expandable, plug-in processing with vintage EQ and classic compression options on every input channel and bus
  • 16 FlexMixes (aux mixes, subgroups, or matrix mixes)
  • 32 mic/line inputs with recallable XMAX preamps
  • 33 touch-sensitive, motorized faders
  • All new scene management, with scenes organized into projects with scene lock and channel safe
  • Password protected user profiles enable restricting access to specific features
  • FLEX FX multieffects processor with 4 slots to load legendary reverb emulations and delays with 4 dedicated effects buses
  • Channel scribble strips and input metering
  • DAW Control
  • Advanced Studio One control integration
  • MCU emulation mode optimized for Logic
  • HUI emulation mode optimized for Pro Tools
  • Complete solution: Includes UC Surface™ mix control software for macOS, Windows, Android™, and iPad®; Capture™ live-recording software and Studio One® Artist DAW for macOS and Windows; compatible with free QMix-UC® personal monitoring control for iPhone®, and Android
  • 3-year warranty


Mic inputs: 16 Preamp type: Recallable XMAX Class A Line inputs: 8 TRS Combo Stereo aux inputs: 2 Tape input: Yes Tape output: Yes Talkback input: Yes Total mix buses: 26 Main L/R bus: Yes Main Mono: Yes FlexMixes: 16 FlexMixes FlexMix outputs: 10 (6XLR + 4TRS) Control room/monitors: Yes Stereo digital audio output: 1 AES/EBU Fat Channel Type: Fixed Input mode layout and plug-in workflow (vintage EQs and compressors) FX Buses and Processors: 4 GEQ: 8 USB Audio Interfaces: 128 channels AVB: 128 channels

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