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Midas DM16 Analogue Mixer

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Award-Winning Preamplification

The Midas DM16 utilises 12 award-winning Midas microphone preamplifiers, the same preamps that engineers the world over regard as being responsible for achieving that signature Midas sound. Crafted using only the highest quality, premium-grade components, the DM16 delivers exceptional warmth and depth, as well as an incredibly accurate sonic image. The preamplifiers within the DM16 boast incredible transparency, as well as nuanced low-noise performance. Audible on countless live albums and in an endless list of concerts, the Midas preamp is an award-winning solution with unsurpassed flexibility.

Powerful Live & Studio Mixer

With a highly intuitive design, the DM16 is completely at home in both studio and live performance environments. The DM16 boasts ultra low-noise performance with high-headroom. The mixer also features a vast array of intelligent design elements such as TRS Line inputs on all 16 channels, mono channel inserts, and powerful 3-band equalisation with a mid-frequency sweep. Add to the list the two switchable pre/post-fader aux sends, 2 monitor outputs, and 2-track RCA I/O, and the DM16 becomes an incredibly versatile and powerful analogue masterpiece. Dedicated stereo inputs can be found on the 13/14 and 15/16 stereo channels, perfect for stereo instruments, and can also be utilised for mono signals thanks to a convenient balance control on each 2-channel grouping. The DM16's stereo channels can also be used as return inputs for signals that have been sent out to external signal processors. On top of this, the mixer's dual aux sends are pre/post-fader switchable, whilst the 3-band EQ utilises circuitry from the legendary British consoles of the 1960s and 70s. This EQ circuitry provides incredible warmth, as well as detailed musical and sonic character, giving you access to an enormous tonal palette.


  • Perfectly suited to both live or studio use
  • 12 x mono input channels equipped with award-winning Midas Microphone Preamplifiers
  • 2 x electronically-balanced stereo line input channels with 1/4'' TRS connectors
  • Powerful 3-band EQ on each mono channel with a swept mid frequency band
  • 2 x aux sends with pre/post fader switching
  • 60mm precision long-life faders
  • Rugged chassis construction provides durability for portable applications
  • Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply
  • Designed and engineered in the UK


  • Mono Inputs:
    • Microphone Inputs (MIDAS Mic Preamp): 12 x XLR, Balanced
    • Mic EIN at 60dB Gain, 50 Ohm Source at Insert Send: -131dBu, Unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz
    • Mic EIN at 60dB Gain, 150 Ohm Source at Insert Send: -128dBu, Unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz
    • Noise at 10dB Gain, at Insert Send: -97dBu, Unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz
    • Frequency Response (-1dB) at Main Output: 20Hz to 20kHz (-1dB)
    • Mic Gain Range: +10dB to +60dB
    • Max. Input Level: +11dBu at +10dB Gain
    • CMRR at +60dB Gain: Typically -90dB
    • Impedance: 2 k Ohms Balanced
    • Distortion (THD+N) at 0dBu: 0.005 Percent at 1kHz
    • Phantom Power: Switchable +48V
  • Line Input:
    • Type: 1/4'' TRS, Balanced
    • Impedance: 20 k Ohms Balanced/Unbalanced
    • Line Gain Range: -10dB to +40dB
    • Max. Input Level: +30dBu
  • Stereo Inputs: 4 x 1/4'' TRS, Balanced
  • Impedance: 20 k Ohms Balanced/Unbalanced
  • Gain Range: -20dB to +20dB
  • Max. Input Level: +21dBu
  • Equaliser:
    • Low: +/-15dB at 80Hz, Shelving
    • Mid (Mono Inputs Only): +/-15dB at 150Hz, Variable Semi-Parametric
    • High: +/-15dB at 12kHz, Shelving
  • Channel Inserts:
    • Type: 1/4'' TRS, Unbalanced
    • Max. Input/Output Level: +21dBu
  • Aux Sends:
    • Type: 2 x 1/4'' TRS, Balanced
    • Impedance:
      • Balanced: 240 Ohms
      • Unbalanced: 120 Ohms
    • Max. Output Level: +21dBu
  • Monitor Out:
    • Type: 2 x 1/4'' TRS, Balanced
    • Impedance:
      • Balanced: 240 Ohms
      • Unbalanced: 120 Ohms
    • Max. Output Level: +21dBu
  • Main Out:
    • Type: 2 x XLR, Electronically Balanced
    • Impedance:
      • Balanced: 100 Ohms
      • Unbalanced: 50 Ohms
    • Max. Output Level: +21dBu
  • Main Out Inserts:
    • Type: 2 x 1/4'' TRS, Unbalanced
    • Max. Input/Output Level: +21dBu
  • Headphone Output:
    • Type: 1/4'' TRS, Unbalanced
    • Impedance: 25 Ohms
    • Max. Output Level: +21dBu
  • 2-Track Input:
    • Type: 2 x RCA, Unbalanced
    • Impedance: 1 k Ohm
    • Max. Output Level: +21dBu
  • Main Mix System Noise:
    • Main Mix at -Infinity, Channel Fader at -Infinity: -104dBu, Unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz
    • Main Mix at 0dB, Channel Fader at -Infinity: -91dBu, Unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz
    • Main Mix at 0dB, Channel Fader at 0dB: -84dBu, Unweighted, 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Power:
    • Power Supply: Switch Mode, 100-240V 50/60Hz (T 1.6 A H 250V)
    • Power Consumption: 40W
    • Mains Connection: Standard IEC Receptacle
  • Height: 95mm / 3.7''
  • Width: 438mm / 17.2''
  • Depth: 370mm / 14.6''
  • Weight: 5kg / 2.3lbs

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