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Midas 512 Parametric Equaliser

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High-Performance Equalisation

As part of Midas' legendary 500 Series, the 512 is a fully parametric four-band equaliser based on the channel strip from the revered Midas Heritage 3000 mixing console. With enhanced performance capabilities, this compact modular EQ can be used in conjunction with any of the Midas Legend 500 Series rackmount chassis alongside Midas' other professional modules such as the 502 Microphone Preamplifier, or 522 Compressor/Limiter.

The 512 enables you to adjust a wide array of parameters with exceptional accuracy, with adjustable-bandwidth bell-mode control over high and low mid frequencies, and switchable bell/shelf-mode control over the treble and bass frequencies. It allows you to cut or boost specific frequencies with surgical precision to achieve the creative or corrective effect you desire. Each of the four band's frequencies overlap, providing you with complete control across the entire audio frequency spectrum (20Hz to 20kHz) without any undesirable 'holes' in your sound. The 512 is ideal for both studio and live applications, delivering legendary Midas sound quality suitable for a huge variety of applications.

Intuitive & Precise Controls

Providing control across four overlapping frequency bands (Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble), the 512 ensures exceptionally accurate parameter adjustment utilising stacked dual concentric controls. The knob affects Gain, whilst the outer ring provides control over Frequency. This intuitive design provides a minimalistic and intelligent interface without sacrificing functionality. The 512 also features Bell switches for the Bass and Treble frequency bands. As well as providing you with high quality shelf-mode control over Bass and Treble, the Bell switches enable bell-mode for these bands, providing parametric operation. Lo-Mid and Hi-Mid are permanently in parametric/bell-mode, giving you access to four fully parametric frequency bands for versatile and powerful results.

Balanced Input Stage

The 512's input stage is the result of years of knowledge and experience, crafted using premium-grade components to ensure incredible signal integrity. Boasting ultra low-noise performance, the 512 gives you access to the highly regarded Midas sound adored by millions.

Transformer-Balanced Output

A premium-grade transformer ensures minimal distortion from the 512's output, with exceptional clean headroom. Discrete bi-polar transistors make this possible, providing incredible signal integrity with low distortion and noise. The transformer-balanced output stage design provides you with a slightly more vintage sound with gorgeous warmth and depth, and can become saturated at lower frequencies when driven hard with beautiful harmonic content.


  • High performance, compact 500 Series premium Midas Heritage 3000 four-band parametric equaliser
  • Class-leading equaliser, acclaimed for its warm and responsive character with fast, easy setup
  • Precision dual-concentric controls provide instant access to fully-variable gain and frequency settings
  • Bass and treble bands with selection switches for bell or shelving responses
  • Fully-variable bandwidth controls on all four bands in bell mode
  • Discrete transistor driven transformer-balanced output
  • High-performance electronically-balanced input stage with high common-mode rejection
  • Ultra-low noise design using premium quality op-amps
  • True hardware bypass selection switch removes all circuitry from the signal path when equalisation is not required
  • Power-up mute relays prevent unwanted switch-on thumps
  • Advanced design with low power consumption provides extended component life
  • Premium quality components throughout for a crystal-clear audiophile signal path
  • Designed and engineered in the UK


  • Input: Mono, Balanced Line
  • Output: Mono, Balanced via Transformer
  • Noise at Unity Gain: -97dBu (22Hz to 22kHz)
  • CMRR, Unity Gain, 1kHz: -70dB (Typical)
  • Input Impedance, 1kHz: 20k Ohms
  • Frequency Response, Unity Gain (EQ Set Flat): 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-1dB
  • Distortion, Unity Gain, 1kHz:
    • 0dBu: Less than 0.01 percent
    • +10dBu: Less than 0.01 percent
    • +20dBu: Less than 0.02 percent
    • Maximum Input Level, 1kHz: +21dBu
    • Maximum Output Level, 1kHz: +21dBu
    • Output Impedance, 1kHz: 50 Ohms
  • EQ:
    • Treble (Shelf Mode): 1kHz to 20kHz, +/-15dB Cut/Boost, 4dB/Oct Slope
    • Treble (Bell Mode): 1kHz to 20kHz, +/-15dB Cut/Boost, 0.1 to 2 Octave Bandwidth
    • Hi-Mid (Bell Only): 400Hz to 8kHz, +/-15dB Cut/Boost, 0.1 to 2 Octave Bandwidth
    • Lo-Mid (Bell Only): 100Hz to 2kHz, +/-15dB Cut/Boost, 0.1 to 2 Octave Bandwidth
    • Bass (Bell Mode): 20Hz to 400Hz, +/-15dB Cut/Boost, 0.1 to 2 Octave Bandwidth
    • Bass (Shelf Mode): 20Hz to 400Hz, +/-15dB Cut/Boost, 4dB/Oct Slope
  • Voltage: +16V and -16V
  • Power Consumption: 100mA, 3.2W
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 132mm / 5.2''
    • Width: 38mm / 1.5''
    • Depth: 184mm / 7.2''
  • Weight: 0.7kg / 1.5lbs

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