M-Audio Uber Mic (Pre-Order)

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The The M-Audio Uber Mic is now available for pre-order at Red Apple Audio. Ideal for any number of recording needs, the Uber Mic is perfect for capturing pristine audio- from acoustic instrument applications to vocalisations, podcasts and broadcasts.
Featuring a large-diaphragm 3-capsule condenser microphone, the M-Audio Uber Mic offers a selection of four polar patterns including cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8 and single point stereo. With such a varied selection at your disposal, the Uber mic is able to cater to almost any recording based situation.

Cardioid- Ideal for capturing singular sound sources, the M-Audio Uber Mic is capable of abolishing unwanted inconsistencies and disturbances with your audio.

Omnidirectional- An omnidirectional mic contributes an even and well measured audio output. Great for adding depth to your recordings, the omnidirectional functionality is also well suited to capturing multiple sound sources.

Figure 8- The figure 8 microphone configuration allows for an equal output/sensitivity on two separate sides of the microphone.

Single Point Stereo- This setting detects from the left and right side of the microphone.

Melding A/D converters that contribute to the microphone's 16-bit resolution digital audio, the M-Audio Ubermic possess an exceptional dynamic range that allows for exceptionally detailed recordings. When joined with a 30- 20,000Hz frequency response and sample rates ranging up to 48kHz, the Uber Mic can confidently capture professional grade audio quality with ease.

Intuitively designed, the Uber Mic offers a selection of integrated hardware controls and connectivity options. With the microphone's USB/direct mixing control and microphone volume control, the Uber Mic entitles the user to an ergonomic and hassle-free operation.

With an integrated microphone mute control and an on-board 1/8-inch headphone jack fitted with an internal headphone amplifier, the Uber Mic allows you to take control of your audio. Easy to set-up, the Uber Mic's convenient desktop mounting makes it appropriate to use in any number of different environments. Fitted with a threaded insert, the microphone also benefits the user with the ability to mounted via a stand.