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Hotone Trem Guitar Effects Pedal

£ 52.99

The Hotone Trem Guitar Effects Pedal is the smallest compact vintage-style opto tremolo pedal available yet delivers the pulsating, lush, liquid waves you are looking for whether it is surf or something a little scarier you are after. With the classic tone of photoelectric tremolo, with wide range adjustability and smooth, well-proportioned pulsing character, the Fender Twin Amp* inspired TREM with its special circuit design ensures the consistency of output volume at different speeds. Built around a sturdy zinc alloy casing and with an integrated metal bar, this little bugger is incredibly strong and hard wearing. Additional EQ circuit offers more options for sound decoration. 

The main features of the Hotone Trem Guitar Effects Pedal include:

  • True Bypass Footswitch
  • Zinc Alloy Outer Cover
  • Transparent top knob and 2 noctilucent small knobs
  • Cool LED lights
  • Current Consumption:  17 mA
  • Dimensions: 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)
  • Weight: 190 g


*Fender Twin Amp is an amplifier model of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The mentioned manufacturer and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owners. The trademarks were used merely to identify the sound character of this product.

Manufacturer: Hotone


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