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Gibson Les Paul LP8 Reference Monitor, (Single)

£ 789.99

The Gibson Les Paul Reference Monitors combine superior definition with the iconic Gibson Les Paul styling. They utilise exceptional material including diamond like carbon-coated titanium tweeters, non-woven carbon woofers and custom made amplification to ensure ultra clean responses and large headroom.



  • Two-way, bi-amped design that provides a balanced sound.
  • Iconic Les Paul styling with arch top carved flame maple gloss finish front adds style and class into any studio or home.
  • Extreme lightweight non-woven carbon woofer, produces tight bass responses allowing faster mixing decisions.
  • 1'' Diamond-like carbon-coated titanium tweeter delivers crisp highs and creates better translating mixes.
  • Front-ported low noise bass-reflex enclosure ensures flexible positioning.
  • Powerful amplifiers offer low distortion and large headroom.


      • Configuration: 2-Way
      • High-Frequency: 1'' Diamond-like Carbon-coated Titanium Tweeter
      • Low-Frequency: 8'' Non-woven Carbon Woofer
      • Frequency Range (-10db): 37Hz - 47kHz
      • Crossover Frequency (Acoustic): 2.7kHz
      • SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): >92dB
      • Input Connection: RCA, Balanced TRS, Balanced XLR
      • Enclosure Construction: 15mm MDF / Flame Maple Front
      • Dimensions (H x W x D): 472mm x 306mm x 350mm / 18.58'' x 12.05'' x 13.78''
      • Weight: 13.8kg / 30.5lbs


      • System Power: 247 Watts <0.2 THD+N 20Hz -
      • Amplifier Distortion: 20kHz (-3dB Max Power)
      • Input Sensitivity: +4dBu Balanced / -10dBv Unbalanced


      • System Volume: System Volume (1-10)
      • Bass Level Adjust Switch: Bass Level Adjust (-4dB, -2dB, -1dB, 0, +1dB, +2dB, +4dB)
      • Treble Level Adjust Switch: Treble Level Adjust (-4dB, -2dB, -1dB, 0, +1dB, +2dB, +4dB)

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