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Bugera V22 Infinium Valve Guitar Amp

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Classic All-Tube Design

The vintage V22 Infinium features true Class-A architecture with a 3 x 12AX7 preamp design and 2 x EL84 power stage. This carefully crafted combo amplifier provides sweetly-balanced harmonics and natural tube compression that results in warm distortion and tonal clarity. The hand-selected 12AX7 preamp tubes produce everything from purring blues to intense crunch. Often found in British-style amplifiers, the EL84 output tube is world-renowned for its crisp and charming character.

Infinium Tube Life Multiplier Technology

After many years of research and development, Bugera's Infinium Technology has the ability to extend the usable lifespan of the V22's power valves by up to 20 times. This revolutionary circuit automatically and continuously monitors the performance of each output tube, while also ensuring an evenly distributed load. Infinium also compensates for the effects of aging, automatically adjusting the current levels to ensure reliable performance and consistent tone.


  • Hand-built 22-watt guitar combo amp driven by 2 x EL84 Tubes
  • Revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology
    • Extends the life of the power tubes by up to 20 times
    • Provides incredible reliability and consistent tone
    • Allows you to mix and match any combination of compatible tubes
    • Monitors the performance of each power tube continuously and displays defective tubes
  • Vintage styling
  • World-famous, British engineered 12'' Turbosound speaker
  • Authentic 2-channel preamp design from the '60s featuring 3 x 12AX7 tubes
  • Integrated high-definition reverb with dedicated Reverb control
  • Vintage EQ section with dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls
  • Normal and Bright inputs for ultimate sound character
  • Multi-gain stage Lead channel with Gain, Volume and Master controls
  • Mode switch selects between Triode or Pentode operation
  • Heavy-duty footswitch for Channel and Reverb functions - included
  • Impedance connectors; 4, 8 and 16 Ohms
  • Designed and engineered by Bugera Germany


  • Preamp
    • Valves: 12AX7
    • Normal Input Impedance: 470kΩ
    • Bright Input Impedance: 147kΩ
    • Effects Send Impedance: 1.2kΩ
    • Effects Return Impedance: 53kΩ
    • Maximum Input Sensitivity: 7 dBV
  • Power Amplifier
    • Valves: 2 x EL84
    • Output Power: 22-Watts, 4Ω
    • Loudspeaker Connectors: 1/4'' Unbalanced Mono Jacks
    • Loudspeaker Load Impedance: 4, 8, 16Ω Switchable
    • Internal Speaker: 12'' Bugera, 12G70J8
    • Internal Speaker Impedance: 
    • Internal Speaker Power: 70W
  • Power Consumption: 72W
  • Fuse: 100-120V T 1A H 250V
  • Mains Connection: Standard IEC Receptacle
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 453 mm
    • Width: 572 mm
    • Depth: 270 mm

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