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Bugera FSB102 2-Button Footswitch

£ 28.99

Bugera FSB102 2-Button Footswitch

Bugera's FSB102 2-Button Footswitch is built for their 1990 series of amplifiers, providing a great way to expand your stage performance. Featuring 2 hard wearing buttons, the FSB102 offers control over the amps channel select and reverb function, delivering a hands-free operation so you can focus on your playing. The pedal's electronics are contained within a sturdy metal chassis to survive the life of a performing musician, and also features a long-15 cable to provide a comfortable reach.


  • Footswitch designed for Bugera’s 1990 series of amps
  • Strong metal case protects internal components
  • Long 15-foot cable provides excellent reach
  • 2-buttons offers channel select, & reverb control

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