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Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000W Bass Combo Amp

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Delivers Massive Power & Incredible Tones

The BXD12 features a custom-engineered 12’’ Turbosound speaker, produce an incredible 1000 watts of high quality tonal power. Its Class-D design delivers an incredible sonic performance, while offering the ultimate energy efficiency to eliminate the need for heavy power supplies and massive heat sinks. This incredibly lightweight bass combo amp is also kitted out with a range of powerful controls to allow players to shape the tone to suit their playing style. Its dedicated 3-band EQ is the perfect tone shaping tool, with ultra-low and high EQ buttons to expand its shaping capabilities. The mid frequency switch offers 5 classic sound variations for players to experiment with, making the BDX12 Combo Amp perfect for any playing style.

MOSFET Technology Delivers Authentic Tube Tones

Bugera redefine the solid-state bass tone, equipping the BXD12 with a revolutionary high-voltage MOSFET preamplifier. The MOSFET preamp provides players with the same feel, tone, and immense dynamics as an authentic tube amp, delivering the vintage tones players sought after. The extremely versatile and responsive preamp provides a crystal clear, faithful reproduction of a tube, offering plenty of headroom to let the dynamics of your playing be heard.

Studio Grade Compression

The amplifier is equipped with studio grade compression, ensuring players can create incredible soundscapes without losing any of the dynamics or subtlety at high volumes. The compressor is based on classic and famous studio equipment from the 70s, creating a transparent and musical compressor which allows the full dynamics of your playing to shine through any mix. Increasing sustain and gently smoothing out any signal peaks, the inbuilt compressor lets you unleash powerfully impact-laden bass lines.

Dynamizer Technology

The Dynamizer technology is designed to add incredible detail and a powerfully fat punch to their amps. Bugera’s dynamizer technology integrates what is known as parallel compression, a dynamic range compression technique used as a secret weapon in high-end sound recording and mixing. This technique mixes a dry or lightly compressed signal with a heavily compressed version, reducing the dynamic range by bringing up the softest sounds to add audible detail.


  • Powerful 1,000-Watt amplifier with wedge-shaped cabinet
  • World-famous, British engineered 12" Turbosound speaker
  • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology delivers enormous power, incredible sonic performance, and a super-lightweight design
  • High-voltage Mosfet preamplifier gives you the sound and feel of an authentic tube amp
  • Classic compressor increases sustain and smoothens out volume peaks when playing dynamic slaps
  • Dynamizer power management technology offers the ultimate punch, capturing every nuance of your playing
  • Dedicated bass, mid, and treble controls for ultimate sound shaping
  • Selectable mid-frequency switch provides 5 classic sound variations to suit your playing style
  • Switchable ultra low and ultra high EQ for ultimate tone
  • Passive gyrator EQ circuitry for classic and authentic tube-style sound
  • Balanced DI output for direct connection to your mixing console
  • Dedicated FX loop for connecting external effects devices
  • Switchable tuner out works either as tuner connection or live monitor feed
  • Aux input allows you to play along to your favourite music
  • Dual footswitch connector for Mute and FX Loop (footswitch FSB102B not included)
  • Active cooling system with variable fan speed, DC and thermal overload protection



  • Power: 1000 Watts
  • Type: Class-D
  • Speaker: 250W Turbosound 12’’ (Paper Cone)
  • SPL Max. @ 1m: 126 dB
  • Controls:
    • Knobs: Gain, Comp, Bass, Mid, Mid Freq, Treble, Master
    • Buttons: Mute, -15 dB, Comp, Ultra Low, Ultra High
  • Enclosure: Laminated Particle
  • Grille: Steel


  • Input: 1/4'’ TS, 1 MOhm, Unbalanced
  • DI Out: XLR, 200 Ohm, Balanced
  • Tuner Out: 1/4'’ TS Jack, 470 Ohm, Unbalanced
  • FX Insert Send/Return: 2 x 1/4'’ TS Jack, 2 kOhm/100 kOhm, Unbalanced
  • Aux In: 2 RCA, 10 kOhm, Unbalanced
  • Footswitch: 1/4'’ TRS

Power Requirements

  • Power Consumption: 140W
  • Fuse: 220 – 240V , 5-/6- Hz (T 4 A H 240V)
  • Mains Connection: Standard IEC Receptacle


  • Height: 18.9’’ (480mm)
  • Width: 15.8’’ (402mm)
  • Depth: 15.6’’ (396mm)
  • Weight: 19.9kg (43.9lbs)

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