Bugera 6L6GC Power Tubes

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Bugera 6L6GC Power Tubes

The Bugera 6L6GC Power Tubes features a high-quality construction, offering superior reliability and consistency for the ultimate sound. Offer a ''deluxe'' tonal characteristics, the Bugera tube helps push your guitar to the front of the mix to create incredible soundscapes. Delivering a super thick, warm tone with an incredibly defined bass response and articulate high end, the 6L6GC Power Tube is perfect for players wanting to push the limitations of their amp even further.

The Bugera Guarantee

Each tube Bugera produces is subjugated to the most rigorous testing procedures to ensure only the best are offered to musicians. Bugera select only the best tubes available throughout the world, and then test and stress each tube under the toughest ‘’real-world’’ conditions. They are then measured to the tightest and demanding specifications, the end result is a high quality tube which can stand up to anything.


  • Delivers a super thick, rich tone with excellent bass definition and articulate highs
  • Provides a ‘’deluxe’’ tonal character which brings the guitar to the front of the mix
  • Superior reliability and consistency offers a high-quality performance
  • Excellent replacement for standard 6L6CG power tubes
  • Designed with consistently robust power, rugged durability, and high-voltage performance