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British Drum Co Lounge Series Drum Kits (Wiltshire White)

£ 1,959.00

The British Drum Co Lounge series is available in 4 set ups to suit your playing style:

  • 18" Lounge (12x8tt, 14x14ft, 18x14bd)
  • 20" Lounge (12x8tt, 14x14ft, 20x14bd)
  • 22" Lounge (12x8tt, 16x16ft, 22x14bd)
  • 24" Lounge (13x9tt, 16x16ft, 24x14bd

The Lounge drums are overtly retro in design with a thin 9ply, 5mm mahogany and birch shells which are then complemented with a birch 3ply 1.5mm reinforcement rings.

The combination of this perfectly blended shell gives life to a clean yet powerful tone, while the mahogany lends a darker, deeper and softer balance to the overall sound of these drums, aided by our rounded over 30 degree bearing edge. All Lounge Series drums are fitted with our Beaver Tail inspired low mass lugs which are centre mounted on the shell. These lugs finalise the vintage feel and style and further enhance the shellsåäÌÝå» natural resonance. The kit is then beautifully finished with BDC's trademark mahogany and birch bass drum hoops, which are produced from the same mahogany and birch as both the Lounge and Legend Series drums. Matching hoops are available on special request.

Hand made in BDC's Cheshire workshop by their team of skilled craftsmen.


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