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Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker

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Sound For Everyone

The Stage One is Blue's most accessible Class A discrete solid state mic with a foundation for interchangeable capsules. Precision-designed and hand-assembled, the Stage One is crafted for a lifetime of use. Compared to similar microphones, the Stage One has a very low self noise specification (<7.5 dB) and a very high output level (+12dBV), making it the perfect choice for today's high sample rate/deep word length digital platforms.

Instead of integrated circuits (chips), the Stage One employs a transform-less Class A discrete amplifier circuit to ensure the most accurate and noise-free signal possible, with minimal distortion and coloration. The Stage One is an ideal microphone for recording virtually any sound source. In addition to the microphone, the Stage One also includes custom spider shockmount.

Included Accessories

  • Wooden Box
  • S3 Shockmount
  • B8 'Bottle Cap' capsule

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