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Behringer PMP500MP3 500W 8-Channel Powered Mixer

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The Behringer PMP500MP3 500W 8-Channel Powered Mixer is a compact device featuring a high-quality MP3 player and studio-grade reverb. The integrated MP3 players lets users play audio files straight from their USB stick for a seamless performance. A quality reverb control adds an extra element to vocals whilst a voice-over-priority function dims the music when microphones are used so all announcements are crystal clear. Channels 1-4 contain 4 excellent mic preamps with +48V phantom power, ideal for use with condenser microphones. A musical 2-band EQ is present on all channels for sound shaping and there is a music/speech switch to set the overall equalisation levels.

Exceptional Mixing Components

The first 4 channels of the PMP500MP3 contain studio-grade XENYX mic preamps that are renowned for their incredibly transparent headroom. This means that channels 1 through 4 offer a clean input signal free from distortion. Condenser microphones can be used with the mixer as +48V phantom power is supplied. Each channel also features a musical 2-band EQ so users can simply shape their sound with ease and there is even an optimal equalisation option for music and speech applications. Finally, a voice-over-priority function automatically lowers stereo channels when using the microphone so announcements are clear and easy to hear.


  • Ultra-compact 500-watt 8-channel powered mixer
  • Enormous power, incredible sonic performance & super-lightweight
  • High-performance MP3 player included to play audio files via USB stick
  • Studio-grade stereo reverb adds finishing touch to sound
  • Broadcast-like voice-over-priority function dims music when microphones are used
  • 8-channel mixer section with 4 mic/line & 2 x stereo channels
  • 4 x high-quality mic preamps with switchable +48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Effectives & musical 2-band EQ on all channels
  • Music/speech switch to set overall equalisation
  • Auto limiter prevents overload damage to power amplifier & speakers
  • Mic stand adaptor fits standard 5/8'' & 3/8'' European threads
  • Switching power supply


  • Amplifier
    • Maximum Output Power: 250W + 250W
    • Limiter: Optical
  • Microphone Inputs
    • Type: XLR, Balanced
    • Sensitivity: -54 dBV
    • Impedance: 2.2kΩ
  • Line Inputs
    • Type: 1/4'' TRS Connector, Balanced
    • Sensitivity: -11 dBV
    • Impedance: 10kΩ
  • Stereo Line Input (5/6)
    • Type: 1/4'' TRS Connector, Balanced
    • Sensitivity: -11 dBV
    • Impedance: 10kΩ
  • RCA Input (5/6)
    • Sensitivity: -11 dBV
    • Impedance: 10kΩ
  • RCA Input (7/8)
    • Sensitivity: -11 dBV
    • Impedance: 15kΩ
  • MP3 Playback
    • Type: USB, Type A
    • File System: FAT 16, FAT 32
    • Format: MP3
    • Bit Rates: 8 - 320 kbps, VBR
    • Sample Rates: 8kHz, 11.025kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz, 22.05kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
  • Wireless System
    • Behringer ULM Series USB Receiver: USB Socket Accepts Signals From Up to 2 Independent Behringer ULM USB Microphones
  • Audio Outputs
    • Type: 1/4'' TS, Unbalanced
    • Impedance: 1kΩ
  • Level Control
    • Input Trim: -∞ to +16.5 dB
    • Max Input Level: 26 dBu
  • Equaliser
    • High: ±15 dB @ 10kHz
    • Low: ±15 dB @ 80Hz
  • Power Supply
    • USA/Canada/Japan: 100-120V, 50/60Hz
    • UK/Australia/Europe/Korea/China: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: Max 90W
  • Mains Connection: Standard IEC Receptacle
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 108 mm
    • Width: 289 mm
    • Depth: 159 mm

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