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Behringer PMP1680S Europower Mixer

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The Behringer PMP1680S Europower Mixer delivers highly-efficient class-D power - 2 x 800 watts stereo or 1600 watts bridged - while maintaining an incredible power-to-weight ratio. The Behringer PMP1680S features 10 channels with 8 studio-quality Xenyx microphone preamps, 2 stereo channels and dual 24-bit multi-FX processors. Complete with revolutionary FBQ feedback detection, a stereo 7-band graphic EQ and speaker processing functions, the Behringer PMP1680S Eurolive Powered Mixer is perfect for any live performance venue.

What is Class-D Technology?

Instead of operating relatively continuously like Class AB circuits, Class-D amps switch on and off thousands of times per second, delivering power only when needed. In other words, the amplifier is either fully on or fully off , which significantly reduces power losses from the output devices given off as heat. Less heat means the amps doesn't need massive heat sinks, and this also reduces the overall weight of the PMP1680S. The no-compromise design means the PMP mixers will deliver full power with incredible fidelity all night long, without the need for lengthy rest cycles.

Classic Control, State-of-the-Art Sound

Leave the mic preamps at home, because the quality of sound that was once only available in the studio is ready to go wherever you do. Built-in, boutique-caliber mic preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power make it possible to use either dynamic or condenser mics with the PMP Series and The PMP1680S gives you 8 mic inputs.

Built-in Digital Effects Processor

The new generation of PMP mixers come equipped with 24-bit FX processors, giving you 100 mind-blowing digital effect presets such as delay, chorus and reverb. Apply them to any channel, as well as to the monitors and main output. In case you're pulling double duty as sound engineer and performer, the FX processors features a footswitch jack for remote on/off . Of course, if you have treasured outboard gear you've grown attached to, these mixers can integrate them into the mix while leaving out the built-in FX processor.


  • Ultra-compact rack-mountable 2 x 800-Watt stereo powered mixer (1600-Watt bridged mode)
  • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight
  • Ultra-compact design at nearly half the depth and weight of conventional powered mixers means no more lugging around dead weight
  • 10-channel mixer section features 6 mono and 2 stereo channels plus separate CD/Tape input/output
  • 2 studio-grade, 24-bit stereo FX processors with 100 awesome presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects
  • Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system instantly reveals critical frequencies for easy feedback removal
  • 8 high-quality mic preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Effective, extremely musical 3-band EQ, switchable Pad, and Clip LEDs on all mono channels
  • Stereo 7-band graphic EQ allows precise frequency correction of monitor and main outputs
  • Voice Canceller function removes singer's voice from recordings for karaoke applications
  • Selectable stereo (main L/R), double mono (main/monitor) or bridged mono amplifier operation mode
  • Speaker Processing function adjusts frequency response to match professional speaker systems like BEHRINGER EUROLIVE series, etc
  • Standby switch mutes all input channels during breaks while background music is provided via CD/Tape input
  • Adjustable stereo Aux input for connecting external signal sources
  • Internal switch-mode power supply, noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption
  • Rack mount brackets included
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life


  • Dimensions: 315mm x 460mm x 220mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 9.9kg

Microphone Inputs

  • Connector: XLR, Electronically Balanced Input Circuit
  • Frequency Response: <10Hz - 200kHz, -1dB
    • <10Hz - >200kHz, -3dB
  • Gain: +30dB, +10dB with Pad
  • Maximum Input Level: +12dBu @ +10dB Gain
  • Impedance:
    • Balanced: 2.2k Ohms Balanced
    • Unbalanced: 1.1k Ohms
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 110dB / 114dB A-Weighted (0dBu In @ +10dB Gain)
  • Noise: 0.001 / 0.00078* A-Weighted (THD+N)

Mono Line Inputs

  • Connector: 1/4'' TS, Balanced
  • Impedance: 20k Ohms
  • Maximum Input Level: +21dBu

Stereo Line Inputs

  • Connector: 1/4'' TRS, Unbalanced
  • Impedance: 100k Ohms, Unbalanced
  • Maximum Input Level: +21dBu


  • Low: 80Hz / ±15dB
  • Mid: 2.5kHz / ±15dB
  • High: 12kHz / ±15dB

CD/Tape Input

  • Connector: RCA
  • Impedance: 10k Ohms

Preamp Outputs

  • Connector: 1/4'' TRS, Unbalanced
  • Impedance: 150 Ohms, Unbalanced
  • Maximum Output Level: +21dBu

Monitor Outputs

  • Connector: 1/4'' TRS, Unbalanced
  • Impedance: 150 Ohms, Unbalanced
  • Maximum Output Level: +21dBu

Stereo Outputs

  • Connector:
    • 1/4'' TRS, Unbalanced
    • RCA
  • Impedance:
    • 1/4'' TRS: 150 Ohms, Unbalanced
    • RCA: 1k Ohms
  • Maximum Input Level: +21dBu

Loudspeaker Outputs

  • Connector: Professional Locking Connector
  • Load Impedance:
    • Main L/R: 4 Ohms - 8 Ohms
    • Monitor/Main Mono: 4 Ohms - 8 Ohms
    • Main Mono/Main Mono: 4 Ohms - 8 Ohms
    • Bridge: 8 Ohms - 16 Ohms


  • Converter: 24-Bit, Delta-Sigma 64/128-Times Oversampling
  • Dynamics D/A: 90dB
  • Sampling Rate: 40kHz
  • Delay Time: Maximum 5 Seconds
  • Signal Run Time: Approx. 1.5ms

Power Output

  • RMS @ 1 THD, Both Channels Driven:
    • 8 Ohms per Channel: 300W
    • 4 Ohms per Channel: 600W
  • RMS @ 1 THD, Bridged Mode: 8 Ohms, 1200W
  • Peak Power, Both Channels Driven:
    • 8 Ohms per Channel: 400W
    • 4 Ohms per Channel: 800W
  • Peak Power, Bridged Mode: 8 Ohms, 1600W

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