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Behringer NX1000

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Behringer NX1000 1000W Class-D Power Amplifier

The Behringer NX1000 is an ultra-light 1000W class-D power amplifier with SmartSense technology. The amplifier has a total output power of 1000W (2x 500W @ 2 Ohm; 2x 300W @ 4 Ohm; 1000W @ 4 Ohm bridge mode), and yet weighs only 3.3kg and is mountable in a 19" rack. Due to the special design of the NX1000, no heavy heat sinks or toroidal transformers are needed, therefore saving some weight. The revolutionary Class-D technology from Behringer has a highly efficient switch-mode power supply built in, which ensures that this feather-light power pack provides your loudspeakers with the right power for many years to come.

Class-D Power Amplifier
Thanks to Behringer's high density Class-D amplifier technology, enormous power and incredible sound performance can be accommodated in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable and lightweight amplifier. This technology makes it possible to design and build extremely powerful products while consuming less energy.

Simple Operation
The controls and displays on the front provide insight into the vital functions of the NX1000 at a glance. After pressing the Power button, the LED lights up to indicate that the amplifier is ready for use. All channels have gain controls with signal LEDs that illuminate when a signal is present and limit LEDs that indicate when the amplifier is running at full capacity. Just as stylish as the front panel is the rear panel's combo jack inputs, which make the NX1000 compatible with virtually any source, be it balanced or unbalanced. Professional speakON speaker jacks are built in to ensure a secure connection between power amp and speaker. The rear panel also features switches that allow the NX1000 amplifier to operate in dual-mono, stereo or mono bridge modes.

SmartSense Impedance Compensation
The new SmartSense technology offers significantly improved full-range frequency response with more powerful dynamic bass and smoother high-frequency response. The resulting output is no longer dependent on the actual load, but is perfectly linearly flattened by impedance compensation.

With enormous output power, lightweight Class-D technology and an equally low price - and all the amenities a professional sound engineer can expect - the NX1000 amplifier is a serious amplifier for demanding applications.

The main features of the Behringer NX1000 Power Amplifier include:

  • 1000W Class-D Power Amplifier
  • SmartSense Loudspeaker Impedance Compensation Technology
  • High-Density Class-D Technology
  • Built-In Stereo Crossover
  • "Zero-Attack" Limiters
  • 4-segment Signal & Limit LEDs
  • XLR & ¼'' TRS Combination Input Connectors
  • Overload Protection
  • Weight: 3.3kg


  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Number of Channels: 2
  • Digital Amplifier: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 3.3
  • Outputs: Speakon
  • Inputs: Combo Socket
  • Amplifier Class: Class D
  • Switching Power Supply: Yes
  • Installation Height (HE): 2



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