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Baby Bottle SL Classic large-diaphragm condenser inc. S3 shock + pop

£ 339.00

Blue Baby Bottle SL Condenser Microphone Overview

The Blue Baby Bottle SL Condenser Microphone is a re-designed version of the well-known studio microphone from Blue. The Baby Bottle SL retains its original sonic qualities while adding Pad and Filter switches for added control. The large-diaphragm design features a cardioid pickup pattern, delivering a smooth top end and deep lows for optimal audio fidelity and sonic accuracy. The Baby Bottle SL Condenser provides exceptional warmth and presence, reminiscent of classic, vintage microphones, resulting in a rich, warm and articulate sound, ideal for a range of recording applications from vocals to instruments. Additionally, the Baby Bottle SL comes complete with a wooden storage box and custom shockmount.

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