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Aston Starlight Suspension Set

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Aston Starlight Suspension Set 


The Aston Starlight Suspension Set consists of two of Rycote's patented vibration-reducing Lyre suspensions mounted on a rigid slotted stereo bar. It is a universal mic mount that fits the Aston Starlight and any small diaphragm microphone from 19 to 34 mm in diameter. The Starlight Suspension Set is highly adjustable allowing you to adjust the spacing between the two mounts from 40 to 200mm. Use the start shaped knob underneath each Lyre to rotate and/or incline your microphones to the position desired. It has been classed as virtually indestructible thanks to its high grade components making it ideal in the most demanding environments.



  • Universal mic mounts - fit the Aston Starlight and and small diaphragm microphone from 19 to 34mm in diameter (max. weight of 500g, max. length of 50cm)
  • Stereo bar - quick and easy spacing between the mounts (40 to 200mm)
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Made in UK