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Aston Starlight Stereo Mounting Bar

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Aston Starlight Stereo Mounting Bar 

The Aston Starlight Stereo Mounting Bar features a sturdy and robust construction, designed to accommodate a pair of Starlight microphones from Aston. The Mounting Bar is the ideal solution for stereo micing. It allows you to configure your microphones in such setups as XY or ORTF, with optimal precision. The result is the perfect stereo field every time, allowing you to achieve the best possible take. The robust Mounting Bar is constructed from premium-grade components to ensure minimal handling noise and can be easily mounted to a range of microphone stands.


  • Designed to accommodate a pair of Aston Starlight microphones
  • Ideal for stereo recording
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Ideal for XY or ORTF configurations
  • Adjustable design that attaches to microphone stand

(Microphones, Shockmount Not Included) 


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