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ASP510 Surround Controller

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Audient ASP510, Stereo and Surround Sound Monitor Controller, 6 preset Monitor Formats, Supports three 5.1 Surround and three Stereo sources, thomann 8 inputs from console ( 5.1 Surround plus Stereo), 8 outputs to recorders ( 5.1 Surround plus Stereo), Switchable Encoder/Decoder insertion, 6 speaker outputs, each with Level Trim, 25pin D-type females for: 5.1 Surround play A and B, 5.1 Surround bus inputs, 25pin D-type males for: 5.1 Surround thomann record A and B, Speaker outputs, Encoder Stereo record/transmission & play Console interface DecoderIndividual speaker Cut/Isolate functions, Universal console Solo and Monitor system interface, User definable Monitor Reference and Dim levels, Internal Pink Noise generator, Guide track input, Ergonomic control surface with clear status indication, Frequency response: ±0.25 thomann dB, 22 Hz -22 kHz, Dimensions Remote: 230 x 120 x 40 mm, Weight: 5000 g


  • 6 Preset Monitor Formats
  • Supports three 5.1 Surround and three Stereo Formats
  • 8 Inputs from Console ( 5.1 SURROUND plus STEREO)
  • 8 Outputs to Recorders ( 5.1 SURROUND plus STEREO)
  • Switchable ENCODER/DECODER Insertion
  • 6 Speaker Outputs, each with Level Trims
  • Individual Speaker CUT/ISOLATE Functions
  • Universal Console Solo and Monitor System Interface
  • User Definable Monitor REFERENCE and DIM Levels
  • Internal Pink Noise Generator
  • Guide Track Input
  • Ergonomic Control Surface


Sleek rack and remote system

The ASP510 is a remote operated rack unit connected via a standard CAT-5 cable. All signal processing and operation takes place in a 1RU rack unit, which has a whisper quiet fan - ideal for being located in your control room without disturbing your listening environment. Controlled by an ergonomic and compact remote designed to sit on your console or desktop without cluttering your setup, ASP510 will fit effortlessly into your workflow and will quickly provide you with intelligent control over your mixes. 


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