Amphion Two15 Studio Monitor

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Any pro monitoring setup could benefit from Amphion Two15 monitors. The dual LF/MF drivers work together in perfect phase alignment to reproduce a wide sonic range with exceptional accuracy. These high-end passive monitors employ custom-designed drivers, a high-density Corian waveguide, and a sealed enclosure with a passive radiator to deliver the natural, transparent, un-hyped sound you need to make critical mixing decisions. We know that you can expect consistent mix translation when you monitor with Amphion Two15 speakers. 




"Delightfully detailed realism..."

" If I was going to go with a single set of monitors for my room, I am pretty sure I would go with a pair of Two15 speakers and an Amp500.."


"Detail without ever loosing the big picture"

"In various fast-paced educational, research, electroacoustic composition, sound design, and studio and on-location production contexts, both in stereo and surround. Their uncanny ability to draw out spatial detail without ever loosing the big picture, and to present dynamic, frequency and transient content in extreme resolution, have given me the complete solution for pushing digital production to a new level."

Dr. Antti Sakari Saario
Head of Music, Falmouth University, United Kingdom