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Amphion One18 Studio Monitor (Pair)

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Premium Passive Monitors

Amphion One18 monitor speakers offer premium performance for your critical monitoring sessions. These high-end passive monitors employ a custom-designed 6.5" woofer, a fast-response titanium tweeter, a high-density Corian waveguide, and a sealed enclosure with a passive radiator to deliver the natural, transparent, un-hyped sound you need to make critical mixing decisions.



Amphion One18 Monitor Speakers at a Glance:

  • A beautifully honest listening experience
  • Better performance from passive design
  • Corian waveguide provides control and balance
  • Point source performance - no audible crossover point
  • Sealed box + passive radiator = much greater accuracy

A beautifully honest listening experience

Many studio monitors are great to work on, but not necessarily the speakers you'd choose when you want to get lost in your favorite music. Amphion One18 studio monitors are designed with the ultimate goal of providing a "beautifully honest" listening experience that makes tracking, mixing and mastering not only easy... but really enjoyable as well.

Better performance from passive design

Simply put - better performance. Keeping sensitive electronics away from magnetized moving drivers improves every aspect of the monitor, and does not force the choice of an amplification solution based on its ability to fit inside an enclosure and not overheat it.

Corian waveguide provides control and balance

Like all Amphion monitors, the One18 features a fifth-generation waveguide CNC machined out of high density Corian. This improves the tweeter's ability to couple with the air, helping it to extend down to the 1.6kHz crossover point and making the dispersion of the overall system more uniform throughout a wide frequency range. It also physically aligns the drivers, which improves the time and phase coherence tremendously. The result is a rock solid phantom center, pinpoint imaging and an extra wide and deep sweet spot.

Point source performance - no audible crossover point!

Driver integration is one of the main challenges in speaker design and construction. The goal is to achieve a single point where the acoustical centers of the driver combination can work together perfectly, just like what happens in real life. If you want to combine two different audio signals as seamlessly as possible, doesn't it make sense to place the seam outside the most sensitive areas of the hearing range? Human hearing is not linear. The ear's sensitivity is highest inside the critical middle of the hearing range, generally located between 2-50kHz. Employing an unconventionally low crossover point allows the use of drivers with the lowest possible moving mass in the range where the ear is most sensitive, resulting in an unprecedented amount of midrange clarity and depth, and a single point source/phantom center image typically only found in coaxial designs.

Sealed box + passive radiator = much greater accuracy

A ported box always has uncontrolled pressure changes and turbulence inside the cabinet which lead to decreased resolution - especially in the midrange - preventing a balanced audio signal from being reproduced optimally. The One18's sealed cabinet design results in a dramatic improvement in midrange resolution and bass accuracy, while also loading the room in a more controlled and predictable manner. Essentially a speaker cone, surround and basket without the motor, Amphion's rear-mounted passive radiator moves in perfect synchronization with the front woofer, ensuring that the distance from the front of the cabinet to the rear is always the same and that the balance of air in the cabinet is maintained. This results in a much tighter, even response in the low end of the spectrum, guaranteeing more accurate translation to just about any playback system. A passive radiator is not the same as a rear port, and is nowhere near as sensitive to placement near a rear wall.

Amphion One18 Passive Studio Monitors Features:

  • High-quality studio monitors designed for uncompromised performance
  • 2-way passive construction with rear-mounted passive radiator
  • 6.5" mid/bass woofer
  • 1" titanium tweeter
  • Power recommendation 30 to 150 watts

Amphion One18 studio monitors offer impeccable performance.


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