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Amphion BaseOne25

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All-in-one solution

The Amphion BaseOne25 bass extension system offers a complete solution to seamlessly transform studio monitors to a true stereo full-range monitoring system. BaseOne25 extends all the way down to 20Hz while simultaneously improving dynamic range and minimizing distortion by handling most of the heavy lifting at the low end of the spectrum.

Driven by Amphion’s meticulously developed BaseAmp500 crossover/amplifier module, the BaseOne25 LF extension towers sit directly under existing studio monitors. This makes physical integration  and phase/time alignment much easier to achieve. Full range / monitor only -views into your music are available at the touch of a button (or a foot switch).

The result is a breathtaking 3D soundscape so accurate that you’ll swear the musicians are playing right in front of you… …even with your eyes open.


Amphion BaseOne25 LF Extension System Main Features:

    • Low Frequency extension

    • Transform near field two way system into a time and phase coherent  full-range 3-way system

    • Filtering system to improve power handling of the midrange

    • Easily switch between fullrange or near-field applications

    • Uses 10” SEAS woofers and 10” passive radiators.

    • Can be placed in, outward or forward to accommodate room’s acoustics.

    • 2U 19” Power module with extensive filtering system
Short Description LF extension to transform Amphion two-way speaker system into a full range time and phase coherent 3-way system

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