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Amphion Argon 1 Compact Loudspeaker

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The special forté of Argon1 is it´s reference quality midrange resolution and surprisingly low reaching bass response.

Shortlist Argon1 if you are looking for a worldclass mini-monitor for a small room or intend to build an easy to place fullrange 2.1 or 5.1 reference system.

The nearfield performance of Argon1 has already surprised many studio veterans. You can enjoy the same qualities in your computer based desktop system. 

Like its big brother Argon1 is one of the natural and neutral sounding speakers commercially available. A very high level of transparency means that you can hear deeper into your favourite recordings. 

Even if Argon1 benefits from first rate signal chain, surprising results can be achieved also with reasonably modest amplifiers.


U/D/D stands for Uniformly Directive Diffusion. By creating even dispersion the anomalies caused by wall, floor and ceiling reflections are minimized. This allows the listener to hear less of their room and more of their music.

Technical specifications

Operating principle: 2-way, vented
Tweeter: 1" titanium
Mid / woofer: 5,25" aluminium
Crossover point: 1600 Hz
Impedance: 8 Ω
Sensitivity: 86 dB
Frequency response: 45 - 20 000 Hz +/-3dB
Power recommendation: 20 - 150 W
Measurements (h x w x d): 316 x 160 x 265 mm
Weight: 8 kg
(see overview here)
Monochrome: full white, standard white, white with black grids, black
Veneer: walnut
White with color grids: 9 different colors, RAL color of choice*

Reviews & Awards


“I can honestly tell you that Amphion is a speaker that I would personally own for my own system.”

Deniz Mutlu, www.evolutionav.com


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