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Tannoy Reveal 802 Active Monitors (Pair)

£ 484.99

The latest addition to the Reveal line from Tannoy brings us the almighty Tannoy Reveal 802 Active Studio Monitors featuring a 1” tweeter and 8” woofer.

With enough bottom end to cover mixing in any Genre, from Hip-Hop to electronic dance music, the Reveal 802 is a truly versatile nearfield monitor speaker for the home or professional studio. Engineered from the ground up by Dr. Paul Mills, the Reveal 802 features an extended sweet spot for moving around your mixing environment without losing any of the stereo imaging or detail. A front-firing bass port means monitor placement close to walls is no problem.

On the rear of the reveal 802 active studio monitors you will find balanced and unbalanced inputs, as well as an auxiliary input for connecting a phone or tablet device. There are also controls for tuning the speakers to your monitoring environment with a volume and EQ selector switch.

Features / Specifications

    • 100 Watt Bi-Amp module and active crossover filter ensures maximum power and tonal clarity
    • Balanced and Unbalanced inputs for maximum flexibility
    • Adjust volume and EQ to match your listening
    • Rubber padded base for acoustical isolation
    • Accurately tuned front-firing bass port -allows near-wall placement and ensures optimal LF performance


    • LF Driver: 8" Custom high-efficiency
    • Tweeter: 1" soft dome 'poke resistant' tweeter
    • Frequency Response: 42 Hz - 43 kHz
    • Max SPL: 114 dB


Bi-amp Output Power, RMS

    • LF/Mid Range: 75 Watts
    • HF: 25 Watts
    • THD: < 0.4 %


Input Types and Impedances

    • Balanced: XLR, 20 kOhm
    • Unbalanced: 1/4" Jack, 10 kOhm
    • AUX Link In: 1/8" Jack, 10 kOhm
    • AUX Link Out: 1/8" Jack


EQ Options

    • Neutral HF Setting
    • +/-1.5 dB HF Boost/CUT
    • Crossover Frequency: 1.8 kHz


    • Switchable Power Supply Compatibility: 100-120 V or 200-240 V (50 - 60 Hz)
    • Max Power Consumption: 120 Watts


Dimensions (mm)

  • Height: 390
  • Depth: 300
  • Width: 254

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