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Walrus Audio Two Channel Remote Control Switch

£ 63.00

Walrus Audio's Two Channel Remote Control Switch is an excellent addition to the Vanguard and Descent pedals, allowing you to place them at the back of the pedal board while having the remote switch at the front, freeing up space at the front for other pedals. With two footswitches to activate the Vanguard and Descent's preset and bypass switches, it's perfect for quickly accessing the powerful tones from these two pedals at any time.


  • Controls the two footswitches on the Vanguard or Descent pedals
  • Allows you to place the Vanguard or Descent at the back of your pedalboard
  • Frees up space on your pedal board’s front row for other important pedals
  • A TRS cable is required to use the remote option
  • Compact design with two simplistic footswitches from preset and bypass

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