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Aston Halo Reflection Filter

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Designed For Enhanced Performance

The unique design of the Aston Halo Reflection Filter improves room isolation and minimises any background noise, in turn improving audio fidelity and performance. The design and construction of the Halo Reflection Filter makes it home studio friendly, requiring less space than other reflection filters, giving the user a more ‘organic-feeling’ when it comes to performing. The unique, patented design is textured with a wave-formed surface which helps to diffuse direct sound and improve vocal performance. Not only with the filter help to improve vocal performances, the Halo Reflection Filter can also help to diffuse unwanted sounds when recording instruments such as acoustic guitars.

Patented, High-Tech Construction

The Aston Halo Reflection Filter features a patened PET felt construction, designed to be the most light and efficient felts on the planet, ideal for refracting unwanted sounds. The acoustic PET felt makes up most of the sound absorption field, filtering both and top and the bottom (not just horizontally). The PET felt is also comprised of 70 recycle PET plastic bottle material, making the filter efficient as it is environmentally friendly. The large surface and depth of the filter means it will capture every nuance of the vocal performance while minimises any background noise and nasty frequencies. It also easy to set up and install thanks to its lightweight proprietary ‘easy-mount’ hardware.



"Paul White “highly-recommended” the Halo in his Sound-On-Sound review and I agree." Gearslutz

Read the full review here.

"…I think the Halo sets a new bar for personal vocal booths." Sound On Sound

Read the full review here.


  • Radically Improved Isolation
  • 360° Filtering (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Large Surface Area Coverage (Approx 40 Larger than Other Reflection Filters)
  • Improved Linear Absorption
  • Proprietary ‘Easy Mount’ Hardware
  • Lightweight and Robust

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