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Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass Compressor

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User Friendly Controls For Instant Gratification

The Origin Effects Cali76 Bass features a single combined Attack/Release control to provide a continuous sweep of useful bass settings whilst avoiding combinations that often result in ugly distortion for bass. The elegant jewel lamp functions as a three-colour gain reduction meter, providing vital and intuitive feedback to the player.

The Dry Blend control is considered to be the best feature on this pedal, as it lets you mix your dry signal back in with your compressed bass tone for true parallel compression. This is an indispensable studio recording technique, as parallel compression gives you all of the tone thickening and increased sensitivity of the Cali76, while keeping hold of the natural dynamic expression in your playing.

This pedal’s second secret weapon is also culled from the studio engineer’s handbook. The Cali76 Compact Bass allows you to rein in the amount of compression applied to the lowest frequencies via a variable-frequency high-pass filter placed in the compressor’s side-chain. With the HPF control dialed in, the compression ratio effectively becomes frequency dependent. The low strings come back to life, adopting an extra weightiness, power and dynamic response, while the higher strings are strictly controlled, preventing slapped and popped notes from leaping out of the mix.

No-Compromise Tone In Compact Package

The original Origin Effects Cali76 is a big, beautiful compressor pedal that delivers studio-quality 1176-style compression using discrete Class-A circuitry that’s true to the topology and design philosophy of the original.

This Compact Cali76 Bass takes the same principles and works them into a smaller stompbox package that's more portable and will fit on even the busiest of pedalboards. The Cali76 Compact Bass still features high-current, discrete, Class-A circuitry for transparent, low-noise performance, added parallel compression and a side-chain filter optimised for bass.

Rugged, Advanced Electronics

Rugged MELF resistors offer low noise performance and rock-solid reliability. Film and tantalum capacitors offer tight tolerances and superb linearity. Carefully chosen transistors biased at relatively high currents yield a distinct signal-to-noise advantage.

The Origin Effects Cali76 Compact is powered by a mains adaptor only. Origin has dispensed with the usual 9V battery option, both to save space and to allow them to adopt a high-current approach, yielding lower noise levels and superior tone.

Jewel Lamp Function

As well as being packed full of versatile features, the Cali76 Bass also includes an elegant jewel lamp, that functions as an intuitive three-colour gain reduction meter. Understanding these colour options is easy with Red for no compression, and Orange for active compression. The brighter the lamp, the greater the gain reduction. Yellow signifies that gain reduction has reached 27dB. This is an ideal function for live performances that may be badly lit.

About Origin Effects

British audio designer Simon Keats started Origin Effects through a genuine desire to produce quality audio tools that he wanted to use. He believes that the tools he creates just won;t be matched by 'off-the-shelf- FX pedals and many modern players would agree. Each pedal is individually handbuilt, expertly calibrated, assembled, tested and finished in the UK.

About Designer Simon Keats

As a guitarist himself, Simon understands the needs of modern players. As a highly experienced audio engineer and designer he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry before creating Origin Effects to showcase some of his own best, creations. They are all designed to replicate those elusive legacy tones that guitarists lust over whilst retaining the soul of each instrument.

  • 100 Class-A discrete signal path
  • Classic, ultra fast “FET” response
  • Studio-grade discrete-transistor preamp
  • Combined Attack/Release control
  • Independent Ratio control
  • Dry Blend control for parallel compression
  • Variable-frequency sidechain filter (HPF) control
  • Rugged jewel-lamp gain reduction metering
  • Optimised for bass but can process any source
  • High-current, low-noise electronics
  • Ultra-wide frequency response
  • Ultra-high input impedance
  • Silent switching for quiet applications
  • High-quality “signal-conditioning” bypass mode
  • Premium components throughout
  • Advanced power supply filtering and protection
  • Flexible external power requirements (9-18V DC)
  • PSU Spec. 78mA @ 9V / 103mA @ 18V
  • Rugged Housing ideal for gig use
  • Includes top jack inputs for optimum pedalboard space
  • Designed and built in England
  • Controls:Dry, out, In, Ratio, Att/Rel, HPF
  • Weight:620 g
  • Dimensions:142 x 66 x 59 mm

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