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Focusrite iTrack Dock Audio & MIDI Interface for iPad

£ 129.99

The Focusrite iTrack Dock is an audio and MIDI interface designed specifically for the Apple iPad With Retina Display, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

The Focusrite iTrack Dock enables docking of any iPad with a Lightning connection, and allows the iOS device to be powered by the iTrack Dock. The unit itself features a two-channel audio interface, with dedicated mic and line-level connections, as well as a Hi-Z input on channel one.

The built-in preamps offer the same great quality audio as the rest of the iTrack range, and the inputs can be controlled by the Gain knobs on the top panel. There are separate outputs for plugging the iTrack Dock into a pair of active studio monitors complete with an enlarged monitor volume knob. There’s also a headphone output with its own volume control as well as a Direct Monitor function to listen to the input signals without any latency.

On the MIDI side, the iTrack Dock has a class-compliant USB 2.0 connection which allows for any USB MIDI controller to be connected, and powered, from the iTrack Dock itself. The iTrack Dock is compatible with almost any audio or MIDI iOS App, such as GarageBand and Cubasis, as well as Focusrite’s included Tape App.




The main features of the Focusrite iTrack Dock include:



  • Two-channel audio & MIDI interface for iPad
  • Channel one has mic, line and instrument inputs
  • Channel two has mic and line inputs
  • Stereo monitor output with dedicated volume control
  • Stereo headphone output with dedicated volume control
  • USB 2.0 class-compliant connection for connecting and powering virtually any USB MIDI device
  • Powers the connected iPad
  • Compatible with virtually any Core Audio App including Focusrite’s Tape App
  • Compatible with any Lightning-connection iPad (Ipad Air, iPad Mini & iPad With Retina Display

Manufacturer: Focusrite


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