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TC Electronic DVR-250DT Desktop-controlled Plug-in (Pre-Order)

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(Pre-Order: Release Date 20th December) 

The DVR-250DT is a groundbreaking new concept from TC Electronic: a versatile hybrid reverb solution featuring a dedicated hardware interface with intuitive hands-on control; DAW plug-in integration, automation, and project recall support; and powerful signature presets for instant inspiration and sonic character. Inspired by a legendary vintage digital reverb unit widely considered to be one of the best-sounding reverb effects ever made, the DVR-250DT makes it easy to spice up your tracks with reverb, delay, phasing, chorus, echo, and space. With its classic "lollypop" parameter-shift toggles and spot-on tonal accuracy, the DVR-250DT gives you total control over your ambience, as well as the creative freedom to experiment and explore to your heart’s content.